ACL Station Containers

Station Containers with ACL access would be an absolute godsend for nullsec production, especially for players in larger corporations that may or may not have enough corp hangars to offer them to their members.

Basically I just want a set of containers in various sizes that I can add a list of characters to so I can have a blueprint container for example and multiple characters have access to it. Right now for research/production I am basically stuck to being in station and trading containers between characters and then having a similarly cumbersome process to consolidate everything after it has been completed.

Allowing feature parity to corp hangars without need specific roles in a corp would be an absolute delight. It is literally on par for me with customizeable PI templates. Seems like an easy enough feature to add as well.

Also some kind of a combined personal wallet with an ACL would be super helpful as well. I feel at this point in the Eve’s lifespan most if not all players have multiple accounts, some QoL to reduce the amount of dicking around transferring assets between multiple players just to perform routine actions with them would be a huge boon.

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You can give each player a container in one hanger with a password and they will be the only one with access. Check uniwiki for procedures.

I want a container in one station that multiple characters have access too. I essentially want to to use the functionality of corp hangars and wallets, but with my own provided list of alts/friends/spies/etc.

Similar to how citadel access can be granted to individuals or to entire alliances at a time.

look at the acrticle in Eve university’s uniwiki about station containers and access. That is how I used to setup corp containers. Remember to watch who you give one of the roles to. It allows thieves in. "Config? manager maybe.

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