Corporate Hangar space for Corp Members

Ok so I am trying to give the people in my Corp hangar space, I gave them one out of the 7 hangars the corp has. it;s a community hangar.
If we were in NPC stations I believe I can give folks access to different Hangars in different stations, but we are in Upwell Stations so this feature is not possible. I figured if I gave everyone Secured station Containers this would solve the safety problems, however,
Someone can always remove another players Container and place it in their item hangar… they issue then becomes whether or not they can open a password protected container. They could get access to the contents if they repackage the container, but if you can not empty the container then you can not repackage it, rinse and repeat. is there a solution to giving my people Hangar space or is what I planned the only way to go about it.

Why do they need hangar space, they get their own personal hangars in every station they dock in already?

But outside of that no, corp hangars are meant so people can share resources as a group not for odd personal hangar extensions

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Container Take access lets people take the containers. If you don’t want people to take containers, then disable this.

When I used it, though, it prevented people from taking any container, even packaged non-secure containers.

I made two hangers open to all. One with no restrictions that people could drop whatever into, and one that had container take disabled. For this, I configured a secure container to auto lock any items dropped into it, but set no password to unlock the items. This let me view a log of whoever took our stuff.

I had containers to log item deliveries for the corp members. If someone stole another person’s delivery, we’d know who.

The most important asset a corporation has is its members. As long as you can identify and remove a bad egg and you’re not hung up on stuff and isk to an unhealthy degree, things should work out.

I also did not require a password to view this log, allowing anyone in the corporation to audit the containers, if they so desired.


So if the take container is disabled, can people still put and take from their own containers, one of my people told me he couldn’t take from his own container . . . I need to look at this myself and see what the deal is, I just set this up yesterday in the blind so no time was spent on seeing if this works…
Thanks for the reply

People will be able to take items out of a container according to that container’s security settings. The container take access only protects the containers themselves from being claimed.

Also, I feel like I should mention that should someone take a secured container with a password, once it is in their own inventory they’ll be able to get that password sent to them to get at any goodies inside.

Never, ever, use a password on a secure container in Eve that you also use to secure anything you care about.

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