Shareable Containers

Containers that could be shared based on an access list, like citadels have currently. A bit like Corp hangars but not really.

Currently the corp hangars (7) dont give enough space to work with for larger corporations, or from small to bigger joint industrial projects. They also require different roles and such that makes it even more complicated. And most importanty to be in the same corporation.

For example my PI alts accumulate different amount of products on their planet for the same final product. And Character1 got more of Stuff1 than needed and Character2 got less Stuff1. Now i have to trade with theese characters. I run 5 alts and this get messy after a while. But if there be a box which each can access it wouldnt be a problem i would just spill everything in and get stuff out with the one needs it. This gets even more use if other ppl join the same PI chain and can use the “wastage” of others to maximize effectiveness. This would not be connected to corporations so players from different corporations could have acess to a single box.

There is probably a million scenario where theese would come handy so please make it happen ^^.

I think audit log station containers are what you’re looking for, they have a password. Or, if you want something without a password you can use regular station containers. Just place them in your corp hangers, set the appropriate roles and you’re all set

This is the problem. “Corp Hangar” “Appropirate roles within a corp”. I want this to work without a corp. Even in npc corp. And to use audit containers you still need to go trough corp hangar acess and it would require acess to the whole hangar section.

Need more reasons for people to be in the same corp. Not less.


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In order for it to work without a corp you need to anchor the container in space - anyone with a bookmark and a password can access it. An anchored secure container needs to be accessed regularly - it will disappear in 30 days if not accessed. They will show up on dscan but can’t be scanned down using combat probes…

Create a random bookmark mid-warp and it will be safer than most things in Eve.

Its not about safety. Its about accessibility. A random in space spot container with a password is the opposite of what i would like to be impelemented. That would be a nightmare to use.

What i want is quiet simple.

You have a container: Station Container
You rightclik given container.
Choose: Access List
A new tab opens up much like the citadel access panel.
You set XY to be able to access given container.
And Special containers like this would show up when you open inventory under “Shared Containers” sub category.

Simple as this.

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Sounds simple but it would mean giving other characters access to your personal hangar - isn’t going to happen. Small industrialists like me, setup personal ALT corps to allow sharing between characters. In a larger corps station containers are setup in corp hangars with access rights for the people who need them - it’s messy but it works.

Why would it give access to ur hanger? It would give access to a single container you give access to.

Let’s put this in somewhat realistic terms…

Every player who docks at a station is allotted their own garage. In that garage, they keep their ships and their items. To organize those items, you arrange a stack of containers.

In order for someone to have access to one of your containers, you need to let them into your garage first. But the core mechanics say that your garage is yours alone, to prevent anyone from stealing the things you don’t want stolen.

If you want a communal storage space, you create a Corp and start arranging things in the Corp Hangars. Then you give permissions to those different Hangars for different people. And you can further protect those items by using the same password’d containers in those Hangars. So while 10 people may have access to the same Hangar, only 2 of them know the password, so only 2 of them can open that specific container.

What you want is already part of the game. It just requires you to stop being an emo goth loner stereotype, and join a Corp.

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You know that anyone whos able to acces a passworded container in a corp hangar can just simply remove every single item from that hangar?

Having 10 different passworded container in the same hangar could be stolen by anyone access to any 1 of thoose containers. Since it requires a “Can take” role to take anything from that locked container. So while it sounds good to have 10 locked container it doesnt work. While it wouldnt be even necessary to have this with smaller corps. But a corp with 300 member having 7 hangars…

And using ur own hangar can be bypassed by adding a new tab for the “Shared Containers” where you place ur container and inside it you set access lists. So you dont use ur common hangar to store the container but a new tab. Much like deliveries.

Something like this. Where you place a container. And for that container you can set an Access List.

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Yeah, I get how the programming of it could be very easily done.

But we aren’t playing Databases and Drifters. We’re supposed to be pretending like these are people and spaceships, not just red dots and green dots.

So as I said, you can’t give someone access to a container in your hangar b/c they can’t have access to your hangar. If you put the container into a communal hangar (such as Fleet or Corp), then you can grant access.

And yes, those 10 people that have access to the hangar could take the whole container if they wanted. But they still won’t be able to access the contents without the password. And they can’t repackage the container either. So taking the container would just be a fruitless dick move. And if you’ve got dicks like that in your Corp, then you’ve got bigger issues than finding a way to share inventory.

I dont know why you think that the “player hangar” is either shared and every other subtab is shared with it or not. but it seems simple to me.
Lets say it is.
You assume that the

“Ship Hangar”
“Item Hangar”
“Deliveries hangar”
“PLEX Vault”
Is 1 category.

The other is the “Corporation Hangar”

So why cant be there a 3. category thats called “Shared Containers” Where you can only see containers you place in to share or containder thats been shared with you. ?

It’s not a matter of “could someone program access permissions like this into the database operating the game?”

It’s a matter of… does it make sense in the setting of “we’re a bunch of space pilots living in New Eden”?

And the answer is no, b/c sharing things like this are already done by joining a Corp and sharing with your friends that way.

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It sounds like what you want is a way to dramatically limit the risk shifting resources between those subject to wardec and those not subject to wardec.

Sorry, no. Much as I dislike current wardec mechanics that put all non-consensual risk on the defender, I don’t agree with get out of jail free containers.

You could make an argument for an account wide container similar to the PLEX vault given that station trading isn’t possible between characters on the same account but CCP has already provided a solution for this with the deliveries hangar in Upwell structures.

Otherwise, material management is a challenge in real life - why should we expect it to be any easier in game?

Make your own Corp if your ceo don’t trust you ■■■■ him

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