Shared Item and Ship Hangers

Anyone who has played Eve longer then a couple months knows the importance of having more then one character. Why can’t there be a Shared Item and Ship Hanger controlled by ACL’s? The contracting and trading and transferring and delivering of items is tedious when running multiple characters.

Please CCP, bring in a way to have a shared hanger controlled by ACL’s.


it’s called alt corporation.

Edit : I would like this too, but it does not seem very highly prioritized by CCP and so I give you the workaround.

moving to Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums as this isn’t Photon UI specific feedback.

Honestly, it would be useful for CCP to implement this. Since any accounts that are linked in this way could be banned together when the ban hammer drops.

So you tell me that I can get you banned simply by giving you an item though this shared hangar with a throwaway toon ?
You realize this is the opposite of “useful” ?

You misunderstand. The op’s suggestion is to have shared hangers for alts. This is not a mechanic meant for dodging taxes or getting around the contract limit.

In other words, you’d have to link your accounts in order to get access to the shared hanger. Meaning all the accounts that are linked, are used by the same person.

So… yes, useful for ccp to ban all of the accounts when one of them engages in something illegal.

They could implement a new type of office, or even better, simply allow a character to rent an office for personal use instead of corp use, and then simply invite/allow specific characters access to said office. This would work exactly like a corp office, it would be just another tab in your inventory, like the corp office and the owner of the office would set up roles exactly like a corp. This would be really nice for sharing between alts and also close friends/family.

I think this is important with as OP said, many people have multiple characters, and like my own situation, a couple of my characters are in a corp with friends, and the rest of my alts are in an alt corp. But I constantly share assets between them, and it is such a hassle to deal with trades and contracts when I am just trying to grab a couple items to fit a ship here or give ammo there. Especially considering how organizing in hangers kinda sucks.

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