Fleet Hangar in station

It recently occurred to me that it is easier to share ships (and anything really) with fleet members outside of a station than within one, so I have a couple proposals:

  1. Create an inventory location in stations and structures for fleet members.
  2. Allow fleet members to access fleet hangars and ship maintenance bays of fleet mates within station.

The first one would be useful for loot drops and ore drops and can probably have various levels of access starting with Boss only access by default but then options for sub-hangars to be created accessible by FC, Wing Leaders, Squad leaders and then ALL etc. I think this would be a million times easier than using the trade window to share mods and ammo between fleet members.

The items would remain in the hangar for the duration of the fleet, but if they are still at a station when the fleet disbands they go into impound/asset recovery for whomever the last fleet boss is. Assets can also be remotely ‘delivered’ to personal hangars before ending a fleet for distributing ammo/mods/ships.

The other idea would be an easier way to board ships and quick-swap mods from fleet mates hangars. And if I can do it in space I don’t really see why I cannot do it in station…(In fact why can’t I board a ship from a corp hangar?). Access would only work for active ships of fleet/corp mates, and obviously only if fleet/corp permission is granted.

And last little ask, if a structure has no fitting service, is there any harm in letting me use the fitting service of fleet/corp mates Orca or whatever that is docked at the same structure?


Good question.

Similarly good: why we can’t make a direct trade in space?

Not that i have a proposal for any of those, just curious.

+1 good points

I like this idea quite a bit. Recommended.

Good idea :blush:

Love the idea. It was talked about in a similar thread from a month ago. Shared hangar (idea bump)

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