Quality of Life: Sharable Inventory Locations

TLDR Request: Ability, in a player-owned station, to “Share” a character-owned inventory location at that station with another character. This would exclude Corp Hangars, and would also exclude ship inventories, as they are not fixed to that station.

(Some semblances of this request exist already, but either poorly articulated or not quite the same as this)

I took a break from EVE a little while back and have recently returned. When I left, new starbase structures and mechanics were only being whispered about.

The only thing that makes me weep and pine for the old days is the ability to pool my resources and access them on any of my alts without a lot of inventory shuffling. Yes, this is possible if I use corp hangars and have my own personal corp, but I’m not talking about that.

What I’m talking about is the previous situation of having a large corp with multiple “privately-owned” POSes, say, in a wormhole system. Only you and your alts (and admins) are allowed into “your” POS, so you could use the corp hangars to share stuff. In fact, for most of my earlier play time, you ONLY had corp hangars for storing your stuff and sharing was the default; personal hangar arrays were still a new thing when I took a break.

Now, if you have more than just your own alts in a corp, you need to do a lot of inventory shuffling and login switches to accomplish the same tasks while keeping your assets moderately secure. The “Deliver To…” option in player-owned stations is extremely nice, and I miss that when I’m sitting in an NPC station. Since player-owned stations already get that little boost, perhaps they could have one more quality of life addition?

It would be nice, in addition to “Deliver To…” for player-owned stations, to also “Share” an inventory location " With…" one or more other characters. Locations shared with you would not impact your net worth, since you don’t own the location.

You would see this in your Inventory as “Shared With Me”, like some popular cloud data storage sites, and it would list things like “Charlie’s Ship Hangar”, “Snickerdoodle’s Item Hangar”, etc. Any inventory location in that station that another character has shared with you.

Use ACLs maybe, or just make it full “read/write” if you decide to share. That part doesn’t matter (to me) if we can at least have shared storage at player-owned stations. Leave NPC stations as they are, and force people to rent corp offices.

It might not be noticeable overall, but it would reduce inventory swapping and alt hopping. Maybe a net performance improvement AND a quality of life improvement?

I swear there was a thread just like this yesterday.

No, -1.

No -1

Things should take some level of effort - making things too easy is not necessarily a good thing

i’m sure our new Korean overloads will be happy to sell us inventory+ packs

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