Industry - Sharing between alts and better location mechanics

Industry really isn’t something you would normally solo yet there isn’t much in the way of supporting multiple people to use blueprints and materials that belong to 1 individual.

It would be ideal to be able to share blueprints and materials between people that doesn’t require corp roles. I would like to share with my alts all my assets and not have to contract everything or deliver stuff and have to gate that toon there just to move it into the hangar.

There is also the station containers. It would be ideal to be able to share those and be able to remotely move them between containers or into the item hangar.

Maybe a new feature to hire employees that you don’t actually see but give you more that you can do without having to be in that station because they do it for you.

I can’t imagine that this is the first that anyone has said anything about this but I really feel that it should be done. Industry is a real pain in the ass where time is money yet you spend so much of it doing little things that could be TONS easier.

And finally, a way to filter out specific blueprints/copies from the industry window. I make a lot of copies just for selling and don’t need to see those in the industry window.

Not exactly sure what you are requesting here, but are you wanting a shared hanger for all your alts, where they can access things without flying to the station where that item is stored?

Or are you wanting to be able to move items between hangars without being in the station?

Are your alts in the same corp… or do you want all this without being corp’ed?

As it says. I am not giving a way for making it happen.

There are many ways to go about it but only a few that wont break the game.

Which would you do if you were doing Indy and have multiple toons/people needing access to the bp/material without breaking the game ofc?

Funnily enough this would have massive impact on the game. The need to move material and blueprints between characters is something that controls use of alts for industry.

I disagree. I think what controls the use of alts in indy is training. It takes a lot of time and isk to train a proper indy alt. And on top of that, you really should have a proper market alt and JF alt so as to sell that stuff and actually make a decent profit. This is, ofc, my own perspective and Eve has many different ways of doing things. :slight_smile:

Not being able to see what is inside station containers or any containers remotely make no sense. You train all these skills only to find that you are still limited.

Example is making T2 items. You research in one station and manufacture in the other. You put your materials in 1 container and bp’s in another. Well now I cant tell how many datacore’s im short because I cant see how many I already own. That is more time wasted gating back to my research system to see what I need to have my market toon buy. LOL

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