Industry Alt and Materials Access

I have an industry character, in order to expand my production lines, I have made an industry alt that I am training up.

The issue is, or the question – so I have a pool of blueprints and materials. The second industrial character can see the blueprints, but not the materials.

I moved the materials into a corporate hanger, they’re inaccessible from the manufacture window. So the question:-

“Is there a way to run multiple industrial characters that share the same material input lot?”


If both characters are in the same corp, it will just be a question of hanger access rights (i.e. new alt lacks permissions for “materials hanger” perhaps?)…

If they’re not, then I think the answer to your question is “yes you can run them from your ‘industrial alt corp’ and setup corp offices in stations/structures with hangers and appropriate access rights.” :slight_smile:


Both characters have director roles - the corporate hangars didn’t appear as an option to select in the dropdown in the material selection on the manufacture page. Will try again.

Complete overkill - directors have almost as much rights due to their role as a CEO - this is how the majority of thefts happens by using a shotgun access approach.

@Exaido Proper query and take access to certain hangars is all that is needed.

There are access rights based on where you base each character - meaning each character/member in a coproration can have a home base and ‘others’.

Thanks @WorstPilotEver - I checked again, the dropdown doesn’t allow for anything else other than character hanger (checked on a director). Came up with a solution, will focus the two industrials on different production lines - i.e one on drones / ammo / modules (T2) and the other on ships (T2) and (T3). Keeps them optimized and I can split their materials easily.

For corporate hangars you need to make a few simple changes:

  1. Submit job for corp (not self)
  2. Choose the location of the input materials from the drop down list in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Choose the delivery location for finished goods from the drop down list in the lower right corner.
  4. Choose the wallet division you want to use to pay the job cost.

Industry scales well across multiple characters as long as you have corporate offices - it’s a pain if you don’t. If it’s a personal ALT corp, by all means make every character a director - they’re not likely to awox you! I would also setup a holding corp if you own your own structure - that way the operating corp doesn’t need to worry about wars.


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Um, you have rented an office for your corp in the station where you’re keeping all the materials/blueprints, yes? Because you won’t see Corp Hangers until you’ve rented an office, the only thing you will see (iirc) is a “corp deliveries” hanger which won’t help in this instance (and the member hangers).

If you have your office rented and nothing too much has been changed from the ‘default’ (corp role/permissions side) then I would think it should ‘just work’.


I am currently having the same issue. Have a corp, character has the skills, the bpc and materials is a director, the npc station allows manufacturing. I have tried to start the manufacturing in both the corp hangar and the character hangar. Have also tried with other corp members.

I right click on the bpc select use blueprint, when it opens in industry it shows no location. When I select location it does not “see” the minerals in the hangar. There are no selection boxes for input or output.

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