[SOLVED] Shared industry

Im triying to create a system using corp offices to let some friends use my blueprints, materials and minerals.

Basically i want to drop everything in just 1 hangar and prohibe everyone to take out something but still be able to use the BPOs, minerals, materials etc. Since starting any manufacturing/copy/invent jobs creates a record in the industry window is easy to calculate how many materials they use and get that isk back.

Is this posible? Please share me a screenshot of the corp window how to do this…
i would hate contracting everyday…

Your friends would need to be in the same corporation to access the corporate hangars. You can create a title with assigned roles that will let people with that title use the blueprints without being able to remove them from the hangar. The title will need Factory Manager, Rent Factory/Research slot and Query access to the hanger with the blueprints.

Materials would need to be in a different hangar with Query+Take access or you would need to use a container with Query+Take access for the material.

This was the best i could achive.

Division 1 BPO
Division 2 materials
Division 3 industry deliver

If i set query+take in the tittle tab for division 2 everyone can take materials at will and put them in their personal hangar. Setting only take or query for division 2 dosent work either…

I need to let them only use the materials for industrial jobs in the corp hangar.

Maybe if i put a container vault in division 2.
see, take and query posible but not able to move the container
set password in container and…


well i needed to only set take on division 2
Now nobody can see the materials (and take at will) in division 2 but still able to use the materials inside the hangar.

Thanks for the help!
You gave me the idea of split BPs and materials


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