Allow industry material use without hangar taking

Currently you require hangar take permissions instead of just query to use materials in manufacturing. Just query access is needed for science so why not for manufacturing too? Or at least provide an option that restricts its use just for industry. Not a fan of risking billions in material.

wait… your confused as to why you would need to have take permissions for some one to take things out of a hanger?


thats what im trying to figure out. You want people to be able to take materials out of a hanger to use in manufacturing lol but not have take roles

Yes, to use in manufacturing within the hangar. Like you already do with science. The output belongs to the corp.

if you don’t trust them to have take you shouldn’t be trusting them to take it.

With science any BPO goes right back into the hanger. With mats you can drain an entire hanger just starting and stopping jobs

Well yeah that’s why I made this thread. I don’t want them to take materials, just restrict their use in industry. If they wanna troll and start stop jobs that’s a lot better than stealing billions in material. And you can stop their jobs and boot them out anyway.

So you don’t want them to take billions in material, but do want to allow them to destroy billions in material?

I’m no industry expert, but don’t materials disappear when you start and stop jobs?

If that’s the case I wasn’t aware. I’d propose that to stop griefing you could require another permission to stop jobs if you are using corp materials. I guess you can do this already with science to drain corp wallets?

I wasn’t aware either, but @Lugh_Crow-Slave 's comment about draining a hangar by starting and stopping jobs told me something was wrong about stopping jobs.

Yeah you got a big ol warning about the materials not being refunded if you cancel a job.

Even if you make it so they can’t cancel without another additional permission I could still just build them into a load of things less valuable than the materials.

If you’re trying to leach off other players industry slots only put into the hanger the minimum for what they need. Or find people you trust not to just take your mats.

Right now I think the system is complex enough, this would make it worse.

Query, let’s you see what is there, but not permanently remove. Take lets you remove it. I could easy see someone under your setup not allowing take permissions and then be shocked to find that the stuff still managed to some how disappear.

Having to add extra layers of permissions, such as the ability to stop jobs, to patch a hole this creates is a good indication that the proposal is broken and needs rethinking.

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