Corp industry without hangar access

is there somewhere some sort of “best practices” on how to setup corp permissions for industry use?

my problem is that the permissions only allow HQ, Based at, and “other”
but characters can;t be based at a citadel, so i have to give them access to ALL other hangars just so they can start industry jobs.

wich is a multibillion isk misstake just waiting to happen.

is it possible to allow a member to use materials from a hanger via industry but not actually “take them” ?
it seems to work with blueprints, but i could not figure it out for actual materials.

… is usually not a Newbro issue :wink:
Here you find some industry veterans:

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I recall the first corp I joined was allowing members to access contracts. I picked one up by accident and put it back when the CEO contacted me. Something to remember when you assign the roles in a new corporation. You should always allow new members some access but don’t give away the candy store.

As for player made stations (citadel, refineries, etc.), if there is an NPC station in the system. I would use the other station as home base, then they can just hop to the base of operations. If your station is inside a wormhole, I would recommend a discord channel, so players can request an opening. I ran for more than a year inside a Wormlife station. When I would get killed, I just asked for an opening on their discord. I found it very easy to set an alt in there with me and have my alt scan for a WH to HS.

i personally grant view access to everything (this is just so the newbro can see what we do)
once they are active (someone takled to them) the role is upgraded, giving them access to a hangar were we exchange goods and ships. especially for farming, this is massively advantageous.

industry peeps now have view access to the blueprint container, so they can access them via industry.
but i still have not yet figured out how to deal with materials for manufacturing. we collect them in a dedicated hangar, but giving take access to someone new is just a massive problem waiting to happen.

i put station containers in the public hangar that does lock items by default, so players need (and can) unlock items in order to take them, so we can see at least who unlocked.

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