Sharing corp blueprints


Need some help. I am trying to share my BP to the corp in a citadel.
I have tried to follow the instructions but I just can’t get it to work. The instructions mentions making use of a factory manager role, I don’t see this role.
If I just enable query my alt can see and click on use BP. It doesn’t however allow my allow to select a source and destination location.

Any help appreciated.

Open the corp window, and select members. Under members you’ll see Role Management. On that screen, you’ll want to select Station Service The very first option is Factory Manager. And either give them role [/} or grantable role {x}

Factory Manager
Allows management (set up, delivery or cancellation) for corporation jobs, even those installed by other members of the corporation. Also allows the listing and use of all corporation owned blueprints within the “Blueprints” tab of the Industry window, independent of corporation hangar access. Proper “Take” Access to the respective Hangars or containers is still required for any job requiring input materials

cool, thanks

If you are not Dir/CEO, you won’t see those options. just a FYI

If bps or materials under locked containers , I think members won’t be be able to use them… I had this issue before. Any trouble mail me, I would be glad to help

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Thanks all It is working now.

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BTW how you do to manage the production? Y pay a share to members, they use own materials, or corp materials, etc

Don’t assign roles to members, assign roles to groups of members.

Not sure what you mean pay a share to members. They need to put their minerals and build goods in a hangar they have full rights too. Use the BP from the query only hangar. Select the input and output to to the hangar they put their minerals. Can’t see your personal hangar so this is the only way. They need to take their minerals and finished products out of the shared hangar

Oh pretty much the way we do , txs mate

if someone has the factory manager role are the able to still use the blueprints but not take/move them?

Yes mister they can use the bpos , from hangar and not move the stuff. But that way I think y must do the same to mats( must be in a hangar not locked or not in a locked container

So if I give a Corp member the factory manager role they can use the blueprints without being able to access that hangar and then I can give them access to a seperate container for materials?

Indeed factory manager don’t change acess status. I would put materials not in container, but it works fine if you just drop materials in same hangar as bps and call it “production” or " industry" hangar. If you need to deny use of any bps, just right click and lock, or put into a container in same hangar, but a protected one

Send me ingame message and add as contact if you need any help

ok will do, thanks for the help

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