Add corp roles to allow improved management of "shared" blueprints

Issue: Many corporations would like to grow and provide members the capability to use corporation owned blueprints and reactions while keeping the items safe, and ensuring that individual members will not get their materials or output accidentally (or intentionally) picked up by others. Current options require that a member have access to a station container in a “public to corp” hanger. However these containers may be accessed by any corporate member. In addition no password can be placed on the containers.

Impact : Many young or medium corporations would like to help members grow by providing such “shared blueprint/reaction” to their members, but won’t do so because of the potential for corp members stuff to be misappropriated.

Response: By making the following simple additions to EVE corporate roles, the above problems can be handled.

  1. Instead of having a single role “Container Take”, replace with:
    a) Container Take From - which allows someone with this role to access the contents of a container
    b) Container Take – allows the container itself, but not its contents, to be moved between hangers or to an Item Hanger [usually only a CEO or Director would use/have this role
  2. When using Industry when Input Material Location must be specified, allow a member with Container Take From - to view all containers, and when selecting a container with password protection is selected, require the user to enter the password to allow access.

These changes would allow corporate management to create a “corporation public” hanger and place station containers into that hanger while specifying a unique password for each corporation member that they desire to share blueprints and reactions with.

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