Corp Roles need better Enforcement (in industry)

When a corp member has access to USE any corp blueprints in a facility, they have the ability also to USE blueprints in any (un-passworded) container, regardless of what corp hangar access has been granted to them.

Specifically, if a corp member has the role Rent Factory Facility and/or Rent Research Facility then they now have the ability to use any blueprint in corp hangars, as long as the blueprint is not in a password-secured container. They don’t need any hangar access or viewing permissions to use those blueprints, and this seems wrong to me.

I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t be able to use blueprints from hangars that they don’t have role to at least Query. Additionally, this [flaw] in permissions control might allow people to steal corp blueprints by installing a blueprint research (ME/TE) job and having it deliver to a hangar that they have access to, and it might be easily missed because Jobs list doesn’t tell the delivery location of the installed job. It is similarly a bother for more valuable BPCs such as T2, T3, or capital/structure blueprints, which are not nearly free to acquire or produce, and then any manufactuing corp member could effectively steal them by simply using the blueprints… using blueprints that maybe they shouldn’t even be able to see.

Please fix.

Very simple rule risk vs reward welcome to Eve where things can be stolen on the blink of an eye it’s not broken it’s a game mechanic

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So password protect every container. Problem solved.

I was hoping to use hangars with industry the way hangars already work with regular asset access with different ‘ranks’ of corp members having different levels of access.

Putting a password on a container makes it inaccessible to any industrial use.

“it’s not broken it’s a game mechanic” - It’s not simply a game mechanic when it just circumvents another essential+intended game mechanic.

In the old POS (and I also think in NPC stations) you were easily able to lock blueprints in a hangar so that people could use the blueprints to work with them but not take them from the hangars. Again a prime example of CCP quality coding that they themselves admitted is flawed and might get fixed eventually.

Educate yourself before you spout nonsense.

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I would not give access to my blueprints to anybody but either wasn’t a really really good friend in real life years or I got to know them in here and met them in real life and got to know them really well but could give me access to your blueprint and basically just giving someone a director role because they can get more money out of your blueprints other than get out of your corporation you can replace your money your corporation wallet if somebody robbed you blind you cannot replace some of the blueprints you find sometimes that’s a pretty much common sense so in the long run is still risk vs reward either way you slice it weather it’s not broken or it is broken whatever

And that’s where the old system came in handy. In a huge corp you cannot know all people (and even if you did, someone can easily feign to be your friend in a huge crowd as Kenshin just figured out as one of the latest victims) but if you want to enable your corp to produce with the wealth of blueprints the corp acquired over the years you were able to without too much risk.

Right now in structures only a select few people can use these blueprints and the only way around this massive security risk for no additional gains is to keep copying blueprints and give out the copies. That is a massive inconvenience and roadblock compared to the old system

… this is what copies are for. lock down the BPOs in containers and have copies out for corp mates to use

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It’s great when people don’t really read the true essence of a topic =)

The major issue is with more valuable BPCs (capital/faction/T2) where I want higher-title members to be able to use but I don’t want lower-level members to see; if I lock the blueprints they can still be used, if I put them in passworded containers then they can’t be used even by the people who should be able to unless they manually go to the station and take the blueprints out of the containers, which is a madenningly inconvenient prospect.

and it would all be fixed and fine if the industry interface respected hangar access rules the way it’s probably supposed to

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