Trying to build a corp blue print library

so far, I have renamed a hangar to “blue prints”, given everyone view access to that hangar, locked all the blue prints,

all seems good up until this point, the big problem tho is that I cant set “imput” and “output” to personal hangars so that my members can use them freely for their own personal use without the risk of them being stolen?

the only solution I can see is give everyone access to another hangar called “input / put” but people will need to be careful about putting things in quickly and then taking things out quickly so they are not stolen.

edit: tried to use the method with 2 hangars, input / output and bpos seems to work okay but whats to stop someone from “delivering” someone else job and then just taking it?

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CCP wants your corpmates to steal your blueprints.

this blows my mind, because after researching for hours I think you’re right. No one has come up with a suitable solution for sharing blue print originals with your line members.

there are some terrible work arounds that still allow people to steal final products / ninja loot materials before the build can be put in.

I haven’t looked into sharing blueprints with my corporation yet, but it sounds to me like CCP is encouraging you to ‘trust’ the people you share your blueprints with.

Maybe you could use the blueprints to make copies and share those with the people you don’t really trust?

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I have a large collection of BPCS and pass them out already but the real goal was to just drop 50b in BPOs create a permanent library that anyone could just use willy nilly forever, even long after I quit the game as long as they are still in corp.

edit: i tried all the work arounds but there is still one fatal flaw in that you have to give someone factory manager which means that they could hit “deliver” as soon as the job is done, and then steal the item from the “shared hangar”

While that’s a nice gesture, I do understand why CCP doesn’t allow that without risk: there would be no point in getting your own BPOs and researching your own BPOs these days if people could share all their BPOs risk free.

Corps I’ve been in, corp BPO’s have been locked by vote - line members could use them to make copies but must deliver to their personal hangar - no access to corp hangars. Build stuff in personal hangars using the copies.

you cannot deliver to personal hangars mate. If this was the case it would 100% resolve my issue. Are you 100% this was the case? if it was then they must have changed it or I am overlooking something, I dont think this is the case though because I have spent hours now looking at solutions.

The main method used is to lock the main hangar and let people copy the blueprints into a separate one. They can then take the copies out and use them as they wish. This is, as far as I know, the main method by which most blueprint libraries ingame work.

Essentially, you can either trust your corpies, or pay a time penalty on having to copy blueprints.

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this isn’t ideal either, imagine spending 7 days making the orca bpc and then another corpie hits “deliver” and steals the bpc, its only 10m but frustrating. I guess we could push all the bpcs into an audit container so we can at least see who stole it.

You can check who stole the bpc tho . . in an ideal situation, membership in your corp is valuable enough that a 10m theft is not worth the kick. If people would happily take a kick from your corp for just 10m payday, you have bigger problems.

Why would anybody want to be in a corp?

Here is how you do it OP…

1.) Make sure only you have the corp shares if CEO
2.) create a corp hangar where the BPO’s will always be. (preferably a place that allows research)
3.) Lock the BPO’s down (and always lock them down)
4.) create a corp title with the powers to for corp mates: ability to use 1 corp wallet account, ability to see in the hangar and take from, ability to use the research facilities.

Now you have the ability to secure your BPO’s, and let corpmates put ISK into the required corporate wallet account and use it to do Corp jobs(including manufacturing).

They can now make their own copies, help with researching BPO’s, and they can in turn use those copies for themselves, the corp, or simply to go sell on the contracts market…

hey, so this doesn’t prevent someone from delivering someone elses job and taking their copy does it? not a big deal normally but I have some blue prints that take a long time to copy, it would be frustrating if someone snatched it.

how can I check who takes bpcs if they arent pushed into a container?

There is as far as I know no way to prevent BPC stealing without handing them out yourself. Honestly, you should just accept it as a possibility . . it’s really not a big deal, all you do is lose a bit of copy time. You can check who took who first from who completed the job, and secondly by setting the hangar to auto lock inputting items, and then checking logs for who unlocked the blueprint (presumeably to bring into their hangar)

create a corp hangar called deliveries, and let people place their own secure container in that with their name on it, and a password.

toon A make a copy, then copy should go in deliveries/A. Only toon A and the alt he gives password to will be able to retrieve from that container.

it doesnt look like you can “deliver” to a locked container from inside the industry window

only CEO, and directors can deliver someone elses jobs I believe using corp hangars.

this is not true