BPO access to corp members

I created a corp with my alt and wondered if there was a way to give access to the BPOs that I have for people to copy from, without allowing them to take the actual BPO.

I seem to remember years back having access to a corps BPOs, I couldnt take the BPO myself, but I could set up a copy job and i was able to take the copy (or I may have had to ask someone to release the copy to me, i can’t recall) but either way, is there a method for this, either via a hanger or a password protected container in a hanger

Lock Blueprint
Allows locking down a blueprint original within the corporation hangar of a corporation office. Locked blueprints cannot be moved at all while locked, but may be used in industry related activities at the corporation office. Starting the vote will immediately lock down the blueprint for the duration of the vote and it will remain locked if the vote passes.

Thanks @baloney very helpful

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No problem my dude

Trying this out on my alt, do you have to lock down each BPO individually?

Yeah I think so but I’ve never done it so I could be wrong

It looks that there is a simpler solution which does not require dealing with each individual BPO.

  1. Create dedicated hangar for BPOs storage. Do not put them into containers.
  2. Create “shared” hangar with “Query” and “Take” access.
  3. Define Titles with following Roles:
  • Station Service / Factory Manager - gives right to manage corporate industry jobs
  • Station Service / Rent Research Facility - allows to use services on behalf of corporation
  • Hangar Access / BPO Storage - “Query” access only
  • Hangar Access / Shared Hangar - “Query” and “Take” access
  1. Assign titles to members.

Now the members of corporation can use blueprints but can’t take them out of hangar. They can start a job using private or corporate funds (only if you give them access to corporate wallet). When starting a job they need to define “Output” location which needs to be “shared” hangar where they have “Take” access.

If they want to start manufacturing job they need to put materials into “shared” hangar and change “Input” of job and they need “Rent Factory Facility” access.

All jobs are stared on behalf on corporation so you can see in the history who used what and for which type of activity.


The above is the method I use. The upside is that I do not need to lock bpos individually. The downside is that if someone gets take access to that hanger who isn’t supposed to by error or otherwise, you lose the whole library if they deign to take it.

As an addendum, I have set up a secure container in a shared hanger that is configured to auto lock and have my members point their jobs to this container. There is no unlock password, anyone can, but it allows tracking of who unlocked and retrieved the delivery just in case someone steals someone else’s job run. I have never had to check this audit log because of a problem, but the extra layer of accountability can boost user’s confidence in being able to use the bpo safely even though it’s outside of their private hanger.


Nice one…

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