Giving access to corporation members to copy BPOs

I found this post - BPO access to corp members

I can follow all of the steps except number 2. I have tried to Google this but I do not find any reference to ‘creating a shared hangar’ except the post linked above. Help appreciated.

  1. Create dedicated hangar for BPOs storage. Do not put them into containers.
  2. Create “shared” hangar with “Query” and “Take” access.
  3. Define Titles with following Roles:
  • Station Service / Factory Manager - gives right to manage corporate industry jobs
  • Station Service / Rent Research Facility - allows to use services on behalf of corporation
  • Hangar Access / BPO Storage - “Query” access only
  • Hangar Access / Shared Hangar - “Query” and “Take” access
  1. Assign titles to members.

If they have take access, they can take the BPOs, I’d suggest creating a hangar and locking all BPOs before creating access to said hangar, also make sure you assign all shares to your ceo toon and never create and hand any out for any reason, I have a few 100b in BPOs that are locked down and shared with copies and nothing has been stolen and no one but me can vote to unlock them, also never give out director roles, create a title mimicking it my director title still prevents structure for being unfit or unanchored for example, and finally when creating titles test them on one of your own character before handing them out to members.

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I had to sleep on it but now I get it. The “shared hangar” is just another corporate hanger for materials to be taken from, BPCs to end up in and be removed from. I have thousands of BPOs, I am not vote locking every single of them individually.

yea i have a public hangar for materials and bpc to drop in.

Exactly this. Indeed from my original post it looks like It is some special type of hangar…

“Shared hangar” is just a regular corporate hangar with “Query” and “Take” access so corporate members can use it for input and output location of their jobs.
This is required for jobs to be submitted on corporation behalf.
Don’t put your BPOs here. It is just a workspace for your corporation members.

Your BPOs should go to “BPO Storage” hangar where corporate members have only “Query” access.


Thank you!

Is there anyway to allow and log the taking of material from a container in a hanger when being used for blueprints? Specifically on a corporate level?

you can use specific containers, that have a log in them.

In my previous corporation we were able to copy blueprints using a division wallet. I am not able to find the setting for this and as usual Google is no help at all. Am I missing something simple?

The access to corporation wallet is controlled by permissions in “Accounting (Divisional)” group where you can define who can take funds from each wallet.

There is no way to restrict that funds can be taken for submitting jobs. People who have “take” access to wallet can withdraw cash from it without any limit.

Wallets don’t have to follow divisions. Wallets are for separating financials, divisions are for separating hangars.

Once permissions are setup then there is a little drop down field next to " Total Job Cost" value where you can select if the job should be paid form corporate or personal wallet.

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