Copy from corp hangar?

I want my corp members to be able to copy from 10/20 bpo without making them able to take those blue gems.
Guess the right thing to do is rent an office, stack my bpo’s in a corp hangar and give my members query rights on this hangar, right?
(Did this, member could view bpo, but copying didn’t work out… )…

Im not sure about the use for manufacture, but you can give them access to copy the bpo and then produce from the copied one. Be sure to set a accessible output location for the copy.

Manufacture is no issue for now, only the copying.
Managed tot get BPO’s in a BPO hangar with query acces.
If I try to copy from the BPO, Member gets message he has unsufficient roles (unless I make him director :slightly_smiling_face:)

After some research I found out that it has nothing to do with

  • alfa - omega state
  • skills of the character
  • structure or station settings
    directors can copy from corp hangar in given structure, both alfa or omega, skilled or not

It has to do something with

  • roles or titles: If the character has director role, he can copy from corp hangar, if he hasn’t got the director role, he can’t. But if the character has every role except director he also can’t copy from corp hangar. Can’t make every member a director :slight_smile:

  • acces to corp hangar (alt can take BPO from corphangar and put in his own hangar and copy from there, but still can’t copy from corp hangar) And I want the BPO to stay in the corp hangar

… to be continued …

Edit: if unistas can do it, everyone can do it, no?

Bump, problem unsolved.

IIRC there is a way to lock down the blueprints. This means you can lock the BPOs to a certain hangar , give members access (read/write) and then they can copy/manufacture to their heart’s content.

Mind you, I’ve never managed to find a way to actually UNLOCK those BPOs, but that might be just me being stupid.

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I’ve had an answer from CCP Senior GM Vertikal:
"There are two layers of roles that you need to provide to your members for them to be able to install jobs on behalf of the corp. The hangar access decides whether someone can take/use or just view the items. To be able to use a blueprint located in a corp hangar, you need the Take role there. You don’t need to have the Query role and it actually helps in security as with the Take role and without Query role, you can use the blueprints through the Industry window, but you cannot take them as you do not see them in the hangar.

The second layer is what kind of activities the corporation allows you to perform on its behalf. For copy jobs, you would need Rent Research Facility role and Factory Manager role.

Some more information here: Roles Listing"

This works out great, but…
Members with the factory manager role can cancel any other members corp research job…

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