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I’m hoping someone can assist me with this issue. I’m trying to set up corp permissions so selected members can make copies of BPOs located in a specific hangar/container without being able to take them. How do i go about configuring the corporate member settings?

Apollo North

Scroll down in this article for lock/unlock blueprint originals.

You rent a corp hangar, create a role for “has access to hangar X”, give those members that role and then put the BPO in that hangar.

You can vote to lock down blueprints. Which means they can be used but not taken

Actually, I was able to figure out a way to make it work without locking the BPOs, since those move to a new structure whenever they’re done being researched. By granting Factory Manager and Rent Research Facility under station services, and by using the Take function and NOT the Query function for that division under the Access settings, the member is able to see all blueprints in that division and run research/invention jobs from the industry screen out of their own wallet. Also, they are not able to see into the corporate hangars so there is no risk of them actually being able to take the BPOs.

Now I just need to figure out how to set the “Based At” feature.

Thanks for your responses, all.

I would be very careful with this. I have loaded bpos from corporate hangers into my cargo from the industry window.

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How did you accomplish this?

From the industry window blueprints tab. Find the one I want, drag it into my cargo, and voila. The blueprint won’t be removed from the industry window list immediately, but it will appear in my cargo. I just tried it and it still works for me.

That’s very good to know. Thank you for that heads up

I could not replicate this on an alt that did not have additional perms (it had ONLY those perms), though I could do this as CEO/Director

Please verify the above

Honestly I would just make 30 copies and put it free to grab for anyone in a public hangar. Copies cost nothing and are easy to make. Much safer if you are worried about theft.

I will just take your word for it. Trying to confirm would require me to go well out of my way. I have no alts, and I do not use this system, but the opposite, for sharing bpos with the rest of the corporation. People are denied Take access and allowed Query access to list what is available. The only issue I’ve ever had with that setup is that people forget to set their output location and I have to retrieve their lost property from the hanger that hosts the bpo library.

So to be clear, you only tested this as CEO/Director? Or…?

Correct, I am a CEO of my corporation and I have not tested it with any more limited permissions set.

Okay, just checking. So I will re-run the tests, but thus far using alts with more limited perms I was not able to take BPOs from Industry UI even though I could as CEO/Director.

Thank you for verifying

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