My first Corp

Hello everyone, i have a question and hope you can help me.

me and my buddys have founded a corp and we are starting with industry.
After i rent an office i have now the folliwing Problem.

I want to have a Corp-hangar, where the BPOs are. I want everyone to be able to use the BPO’s but they shoulnd be able to run away with the bpos. Can you please give me a quick tutorial on how to set this up? I saw something on reddit with audit-log containers but i am confused and dont know how to set sth like this up. Cheers

I am 95% sure that this is not a thing. You can restrict access to hangers so that only trusted players can access your blueprints, or even use several hangars with different levels of access for different degrees of trust, keeping your most valued blueprints for yourself or your inner circle. But if you give someone access to a blueprint (or any other item), i don’t believe that there is any way to prevent them from walking off with it. Or in the unlikely case that I’m wrong, there shouldn’t be.

Audit log containers generate a log of who accessed the container and when. They might help you to identify a thief, but I don’t think they prevent theft by people who have access to them.

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Lock up your bpos and only put corp access to bpcs. Make bpc from your bpo…cause you can never trust anyone.


So as the corpmates can’t trust you neither, this is a fragile base for collaboration.
In most cases it’s cheaper to accept some loss than to maintain a maximum security environment.




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You can’t prevent theft from a shared location (hangar, container) once you’ve given members access.
That’s why corp assets like bpo’s should never be made available. They are too valuable, especially when researched.

As others suggested: make bpc’s of those bpo’s, and make the bpc’s available to your members. As a ceo you can make “divisions” in your corp hangar (and wallet), to which you can assign access e.g., via roles you define for your members. One of those divisions could e.g. be for those bpc’s. And if you keep those in an “audit log container” and set its functions you will be able to tell who took what and when, and who put items into the container.

Corp management is not a very user friendly element in the UI. You’ll have to do a lot of reading to do it right (and refer to it afterwards as well). Start here and click everything :smiley: Corporations - EVE University Wiki


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