Using Station Containers as Per Member Hangers

I’m trying to achieve the following;

  • A Corp Hanger with Station Containers that are Password Protected.
  • Station Container Contents are available to only those who have Password.
  • Members cannot Take the containers, only access contents.
  • Able to Start Industry Jobs using the contents of said containers.

Things I’ve Tried;

  • If a Container has a Password, I cannot select it in the Industry Window
  • If I remove all passwords, AND add Take permissions, I can start industry jobs, but this allows stealing.
  • If I remove all password, and DENY Take permission, I can access the containers but can’t start industry jobs.

It seems as though what I really need is a Password for Take permission of a container… but that doesn’t exist. And why I need Take permission to start an industry job is beyond me.

Has anyone else come to a solution for this kind of setup?

You’ve discovered why most serious industrialists have personal ALT corps (doesn’t stop them from having characters in other player corps). Optionally they may be trusted with corporate hangar access they can share between characters. Not sure there is a better solution unless CCP reworks corporate roles and permissions.

I would like to see another level of structure - perhaps departments within divisions where permissions can be granted to station containers at the departmental level.

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Absolutely the same problem. CCP fix it, instead of drawing new suits that no one needs.

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