Trouble with permissions

I imagine this a very easy fix, I’ve been testing it with a few members. but only I can seem to access the bpc in a hanger from the industrial tab. So what permission do I need to give them? Also, the second question is there a way to have a station container but not have the password given out but the bpo in them and people can use them for making stuff?

I do not believe you can put them in a secure container for use. At least, I have never gotten this to work. What I have done in the past is the ‘less secure’ method detailed in the following article:

In the division hanger, I was able to use ordinary containers to sort the bpos. You have to make sure the industrialists set the output to a different hanger or their jobs will deliver to the locked down hanger, or possibly get stuck unable to deliver to a container that is not spacious enough for the item manufactured. Either condition can be fixed, but it can be an affair that makes someone grumpy if they have to fix it often enough.

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