Need some help with BPC's in Corp Hangers

Hi all.

So I have a Corp Hanger called BPC’s and one called Minerals, what I want to do is put BPC’s and Minerals in them, and then assign a title to players, lets call it “Worker” , and people with the Worker title id like them to be able to use these BPC’s and Minerals in the Industry window via “Owned by Corp” but I do not want them to be able to actually go into either of these hangers and just take everything.

I thought it might be the role “Rent Factory Facility” but that does not seem to do the trick, the chap I tested with could see the option for Owned By Corp but when he selected it he was still not able to go any further.

What am I missing ? is this even possible ?

It is not possible, in order to achieve what you need you will have to grant them access to the hangars. The “Rent Factory Facility” only allows them to set up industry jobs on behalf of corporation.

This isnt possible, but even if it were, wouldn’t the end result be the same?

I’d go in, do a bunch of manufacturing jobs, and keep the end product for myself. Sell it all off for personal profit.

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