Shared hangar (idea bump)

You describe the current state. That’s fine. But the whole point of ideas is to change the current state rather than find multiple workarounds, especially if those workarounds are already known and have known issues.

And the whole point of the forum is to discuss the merits (or lack of) for these ideas.

What issues do you refer to?

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  1. Sharing via contracts - issue: lots of clicks, grind. Same applies to sharing via direct trade or “deliver to”, the latter two are even worse because require presence in the station while contract can be made remotely.
  2. Sharing via private corporation - gets in the way of a regular multiplayer corporation
  3. Sharing via regular corporation - requires arrangements with management, they can just say “no”, gets in the way of other member’s operations. Container access management is problematic anyway.

Contacts are also a great isk sink. I don’t like changes that remove isk sinks

10k per contract. That’s not much.
I also wrote in the first post that the shared hangar can be rented/paid, like corporation offices.

It’s a lot when you’re taking about scope.

You’re going to need to explain this. I’m in a one man Corp simply because I didn’t like the name of the Corp I’m regularly flying with. It had not impeded me in any way whatsoever.

Depends what you mean by flying with. People fly regularly in public NPSI fleets without any relationships.
If you want to be blue for a corporation and it’s allies it adds extra requests for diplo team so the other parties include your one-man-corp in agreements.
Yes, it can be sometimes handled with alliance but not always. Politics usually does not care about crafters.

I take part in nearly every activity and am part of leadership.

Seems a lot simpler than adding a new system

So you are already in a position to adapt corporation policy to your needs. Not everyone is.
So no, it’s not simpler. It’s just “I have my problem solved, don’t care about yours.”

By issue i thought you meant something like bugs.

You’ve made it fairly clear that you aren’t interested in sharing your stuff with other people in the corp so why do you need to be part of the other corp? You can still talk to them and fleet up with them without being in their corp.

What are you trying to do that an alliance can’t do?

It’s more I solved my problem by working with others. You should too.

It’s not like I was just magically helping to organize things one morning.

Alliance can do that but this option is not always available.
I am trying however not to turn a technical issue into a political issue.

FYI: i am / used to be a trader for my corpo and yet I had no access to the industry part. As I wrote two times already I have been told it would make running industry harder for others. I could believe that as my own industry window is not exactly fast.
So far sharing via contracts worked for me for over a year but I finally got fed up with that.

the game is built to encourage players to work with one another I really don’t think the devs need to go out of their way to make using alts easier than it already is.


That’s just an opinion that boils down to what I quoted earlier: “Your QoL would be too high.”.
I wonder though if you ever tried to make T2 items on a larger scale and actually make profit on that.

Did a lot of t3 production but that’s irrelevant.

And the ethos behind eve isn’t exactly just an opinion

I heard a lot about how grind is good for a game, not only in EVE in other games too. I just do not agree with that. I see no ethos in mindless clicking same thing again and again.

Didn’t say grind, I said work with others rather than make it easier to just use alts

Most folks when they bring ideas here, it’s usually one sided to benefit the one individual or those in their circle. The ones who talk back, think about how that would affect the game as a whole.

Would you expect anyone to submit ideas that hurt themselves ? Would that be logical ?
I am not saying it does not happen but its rare.

But, go ahead. Explain how exactly would it affect the game. What would happen, which activities would increase and which decrease, etc.

historically I have made many posts that would put me at a disadvantage if added, normally because I have found something that’s a bit op.

there are people who care more about the game than their individual bubble.

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