Shared hangar (idea bump)

more alts interacting fewer players interacting.

My former boss was going to run on the latest csm and his platform would have ended up killing our standing selling services. So yes, people do share ideas that hurts them

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That’s not true in this case.
Sharing via corpo does not involve people interacting except initial investment.
Sharing via private alt corpo even reduces interaction with people.
Reducing clicks in sharing via contract actually frees up time which can be used for whatever, including interactions with people.
Essentially the idea is to reduce time spent on alts interacting.

Your main problem with joining a Corp to do this was all the required interdictions with people you deemed to difficult or troublesome

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Not really. Better assume not allowed by corpo policy.
Whatever. My personal situation might change now. But it does not change usefulness of the idea.

And then I said make your own Corp.
You wanted to work with your current one
I said that wasn’t an issue
You complained about politics.

Ie the interaction with other individuals

In other words: I wanted/allowed interactions but those interactions were limited by circumstances.

Seems like you’re either with people not worth your time or more likely you never actually tried.

It went far beyond offtopic but anyway.
If someone tells me that fulfilling my request will make his game operations more difficult and I have practical knowledge this will actually happen I do not insist on getting it my way.

How about all the time and effort that could be better spent adding something better to the game rather than reworking some of the oldest code in the spaghetti

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I never looked at the code so I do not know. ACLs seem to be quite new code. Hangar code seems simple enough. So which code are you talking about? Did you actually see it ? How do you know how much effort any particular change requires ?


Simple is irrelevant when you’re talking about code that old.

There are a lot of dead or outdated mechanics/ systems in eve. The reason they stay that way is because it’s a lot of effort to change our remove things that are probably tied to many other systems normally in ways that don’t make sense or you wouldn’t expect.

Several years back they added something to the overview and suddenly pos passwords stopped working and ■■■■ was just getting launched out of towers.

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Ok, just to help this thread a little here are some other ideas where a player created hanger which can be accessed by anyone in a ACL could he helpful. Yes all these things can be done with contracts, but this could be streamlined.

Fleets - so basic idea the FC creates a fleet (not all same corp) and shared hanger in the system he normally runs them, at the start of the fleet he drags all names in fleet onto the ACL.

PVP Fleets - Ship replacement. So the FC has the shared hanger full of spare ships, so when one of his pilots die, they go right to station grab the new ship and come back. Not need to someone to micro manage, they can focus on action not admin.

PVE and PVP fleets - Ammo and other consumables. Same idea, start a fleet but with a hanger full of ammo, boosts charges, drugs etc so if anyone runs out they can quickly grab more.

Resource harvesting fleets - Dump and get paid. So create a hanger were players can put stuff, but not remove. So during fleet they put stuff in, at the end everyone gets paid. (There are tracking solutions like This could be a mining fleet with a porpoise that lacks much fleet/ore hanger so pilots get boosts but have to go to station themselves. A fleet of frigates running abyss, everyone puts in, and at the end a 3 way split. Or mission runners and salvagers, and with some split at the end.

With friends - sharing stuff. I can think of occasions where I might have stuff that I might be willing to share with friends, but not a whole corp. For example speciality ships like my Atomic Agent set, need them for 15 minutes here and there. Happy if my friend could take it, and use it, and give it back without me needing to be online to contract forward and back. Same for blueprints and other things.

With alts - sharing everything. What the OP wants, easy way to share stuff between indy alts. But it could be use by anyone with alts for a variety of things. Share my ammo between alts, share my ships between alts.

Sure all of this can be done with private contracts, at an easy 10k a contract. But contracts are clunky. The game could do better.

I am sure others can think of other ways this is useful.

or better yet, allow a mobile depot to be accessed by more than one person, with a password

That would also be good I guess, but limited as they only have 4k m3 capacity. I do wish there was an option with a lot of those structures of launch for fleet, not just launch for self.

+1 to this idea

+1, This idea is amazing for FC;s and corp and coalition leaderships, Where you can have hangars with fc ships to share for coalition fc’s, Or alliance leaders in a coalition to all have access to stuff without needing to get in contact with someone every time you need something

Yay, I was starting to think I killed this thread by pointing out all the great uses something like this could be put to.

I have never been in a corp/alliance this disorganized and i hope i neve am

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Bumping it up.

I’ve come against a situation where this feature would have greatly enhance my gaming experience.

@CCP please <3