Way overdue for a hangar system overhaul or what?

So this is my request as a support ticket pleading my case that the current corp hangar system is woefully inept and inadequate for small corps alone, forget ultra mega corps and alliances. I appreciate the small improvements they are making over time here and there, but I think this problem needs to be reviewed with much more seriousness. They referred me here to vent/voice my opinions. Apparently if enough people are as apoplectic and pre-braincancerous enough as I am about the situation, CCP is more likely to begin to implement some changes.

Newly into a large corp again where its completely understandable not to have any corp division hangar access whatsoever, please, please, please create a way that alts can somehow share hanger access when no or limited roles are given. Not that 7 corp Hangars for mega corporations is particularly very useful anyway. Maybe it is for some people, but it seems to me this is a serious problem with the game. Asset management requiring alts to be in the same station using the trade window is simply brain cancer with the sheer number of assets to manage. If I purchase a stockpile of liquid ozone on one character for cyno alts, there must be a way for any cyno alt who passes through access it without remembering which alt has it and where that alt happens to be in the universe at any given time, and then create a 10,000 isk contract for it. This is brain cancer. If we can fly across 200au of space in less than 20 seconds, then therefore I believe, we should be able to do this. Blueprints and manufacturing are a whole other matter. Manufacturing assets could be separated into containers specific to each building counterpart (minerals, blueprints, tech modules,) and be pulled/organized automatically from the industry window.

Bookmarks and ship-fitting sharing is another major sacrifice I had to make moving from my own corp to a null-sec alliance corp. This one, for me, is particularly painful. Are we really still resolved to jet-canning bookmarks in space between alts without the proper roles?

Just hoping for some relief here. Desperately.

EVE is about being in alliances. How useful are 7 hangars frankly, to a thousand players or more in the same corporation? This has been a major problem for me for years, preventing me from joining larger corporations and alliances, limiting dramatically my overall gaming experience with EVE. I like where I am now in a large null-sec alliance, but asset management between alts is brain cancer. Please improve this situation.

My thinking recently is something along the lines of the chat channel window creation tool coming into play here, and it could be designed with that in mind. The way that unlimited custom chat channel windows can be created and all the access controls and management controls they empower users to do, is fantastic. Hangars could be designed in the same way, and in doing so it would seem to me, be much less of an ordeal to actually implement. Essentially, a secondary chat window of sorts could be created that acts as a hangar instead of a chat window.

Hangar storage (as far as I know) in citadels and stations alike, is limitless. Why not give us the ability to create as many custom hangers as we choose (or a reasonable useful number anyway) to vastly help organize the plethora of assets this game requires management of, and let the "owner/creator’ set access permissions as he sees fit. It can be based on corporation roles or alliance roles or even between specific corporations not in the same alliance. And but for the love of god let every player who has at least one other alt, (is this not almost everybody in the game?) independent of the corp he is in or the roles he has, create his own set of hangars in any given station or citadel he has access to and can open an office in set up an office that can be shared among all alts and give the ability to query assets across all of them across all locations. Just like chat windows! Wouldn’t this be just fantastic!

7 corporation divisions may or may not be enough, but there needs to be a way to create subdivisions without using containers, or maybe the whole division system needs to be scrapped entirely. Containers can be very helpful and I think they should remain in the game certainly for packaging assets, but they are really just a band-aid on a broken arm if organization of assets in a 7-hanger-system is part of their intent.

Maybe it’s not worth putting in the resources to implement this sort of thing for most people, but I for one hope it is.

CCPlease ease my madness to some degree.

Thank you for your time,


Ok, thanks for your input.


When it comes to corp hangars and corp titles and roles omg yes they need an overhaul; its incredibly convoluted.

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https://forums.eveonline.com/c/technology-research/player-features-ideas could be a better place to post.
Also, the introductory paragraph was probably unnecessary.
And, The hangar organistion is a common cause of complaint. Legacy code, no doubt.

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Yeah, I could have composed this somewhat better. Tough to clean up and condense working from a small text window. Thanks for the input.

Hangar system overhaul…
It’s not like every eve player is using hangar…!?

Next spring - Summer update will whip you with the 2017 Agency redesign!
All the EvE players are waiting in excitement!!

Alright, yeah great. How do I delete this post?

Apparently this is not the proper place for it anyway.

Moved to the appropriate forum. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about all that but my Widow should have marks on the skin for spinning just like Killmarks.

Spinning has been neglected for years while simultaneously adding more and more ships whose only viable purpose is spinning.

Afaik, bookmarks can be shared to corp when created and everyone in the corp can see and use them.
Links to ship fittings can be easily shared by corp mail or mailing lists.

Yes, thanks. You missed some details there. But thank you for your input.

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