Common wallet for all characters on same account

(jestter) #1

I think that if you make something like this it will be a good quality of life feature for people.
It also should not be that hard to inplement.

So the idea is that all chars would have kind of a common wallet much like the corp wallet atm.
Where all can deposit to and take from

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #2

There are so many advantages to having multiple characters. This one is not needed. From a gameplay standpoint i don’t mind but it is not worth the dev time or the added security holes that could come with this.

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #3

Or you could right click your alt and hit ‘give money’

(Daichi Yamato) #4

Set-up a corp, or transfer isk as you can now.

Shared assets, like a shared wallet, is a corp thing and I’d like it to stay that way. The plex vault is bad enough.

(mkint) #5

It goes against the pretense that each character is treated as a unique entity. I’d say it’s probably a good thing to keep them separate because after that, where do you draw the line? What about sharing other assets? If assets are so easy to share, then the only real divider is skillpoint sets, in which case why not sell parallel skill training on 1 character because after all MCT already exists? And then why limit it to 1 account, when after all, it’s all still the same player? And on and on until you’re selling gold ammo. The pretense that they are completely separate is a better game than the pretense that they are all the same.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #6

just waiting for CCP to start selling accelerators directly. we all know its coming.

(elitatwo) #7

EvE became pay to win when those lobotomy cheat-stix came out. The blackestestestest credit card “wins” at input broadcasting FONE so you can really show everyone how black your credit card is.

(Wolfgang Jannesen) #8

In response to your generic complaining, let me throw out the good ol’ ‘in-game skills are not as important as player skills’

Injectors didn’t give you access to anything you didn’t already have access to.

(mkint) #9

That’s dumb on a couple levels. If that were the case, why is CCP increasing the skill options for alphas? Player skills are important, but there’s a reason why the “best” PVPers don’t exclusively fly rookie ships. They pick the ships that fit the tactics (and have the SP to fly them), they skill well into them, and they train the skills needed to fit and to execute their tactics. Any dumbass can lose regardless of how much $ he has, but assuming you don’t suck, it’s retarded to say SP doesn’t give you an edge. CCP was just clever enough to make sure they get paid twice for $ -> SP.

But my point is that as the $ -> SP transaction is already sketchy as hell, and that breaking the barrier between characters would normalize even more cynical p2w cash grabs.

(Keno Skir) #10

PLEX Vault.

(mkint) #11

I’m not saying that was a good move either, but at least it’s somewhat justified since PLEX already lives on the account level at some stages of its life cycle. And the relationship of plex to $ also made the lack questionable. Remember when PLEX couldn’t be undocked?

(Keno Skir) #12

Was just pointing out a flaw in the premise rather than disagreeing as such. I also think there’s no need for combined wallet, and i think the PLEX vault was a stupid addition. Sorry for the short reply, was at work :smiley:

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #13

plex wallet was ■■■■■■ on so many levels. the fact that you can move it w/o risk now is just dumb

(David Potts) #14

Well here a tricky thing you can do with the plex wallet, buy a lot of plex, hold it not in the vault, just out side of it and make a toon, or have a toon with no ties to your main in any way and have it been played some what, work yo ass off to get it into a corp that you hate, give the plex to the toon by drop can and sell it off and you got a cyno ready hot droper in a corp that don’t know they are about to be ■■■■ on, and just wait for a mining fleet and bubble, and drop on them and kill ■■■■.

There no way for them to tell if your a backstaber

(Daichi Yamato) #15

Nah man, the fuckery is in instant, risk free movement and arbitrage.

  1. Buy PLEX at a cheaper market on Char 1 and put the PLEX in the vault.
  2. Move Char 2 to Jita or higher priced market.
  3. Transfer PLEX from vault to Char 2’s inventory.
  4. Profit.
  5. Repeat until PLEX prices are the same everywhere.

Where once there was content, now risk free and instant movement.

(system) #16

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