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So this has probably (maybe) been mentioned once before, and if it hasn’t; then let me be the first :P.

I often envy how the corporation system in EVE has 6 additional wallets to make use of, and I kind of wished that my personal player had just the same thing, but 1 additional wallet would definitely be sufficient. I would have one wallet setup for myself to spend from, and the other wallet to bank away my ISK, build up a stockpile.
I think this would be a great idea because I find that when I am earning ISK here and there, I don’t notice it enter my wallet as much as I’d like, I only seem to notice ISK when it leaves actually. If there was a second useable wallet for players, I am sure different people would find a variety of different uses for it. Alternatively, maybe it would be an idea to allow players to store ISK in a physical location; much like a bank. This ‘banked’ ISK only being useable if they first ‘go to the bank’ and retrieve the ISK.

I think either option I have suggested (second wallet/physical bank) would help players to budget, market, save or whatever they feel like in a better way than is possible with the single wallet.

Thanks for reading about my idea, I’d love to hear what you have to say about it (Please don’t mention alts as banks, that’s kinda boring).

  • Leenah.

You do have the PLEX vault now (it just requires converting ISK to PLEX).

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I don’t really consider that a method of achieving what I’d like to do simply because the price could be up one day and down the next. I’d like a “risk free” method of maintaining a healthy wallet or multiple. And a second wallet would allow me to pick out my ISK whenever I’ve achieved maybe a goal set (account balance reached or something) and go and treat myself. (Great saving skills, yeah? :P).

Your idea is a great idea for those who are possibly more interested in a ‘long term deposit’ but it does have the risk of ISK loss and maybe suits better someone who with more marketing skills (RL and EVE).

Thank you for your reply, :slight_smile:

PLEX always goes up.™ Even if CCP implemented a second wallet it would be most likely be limited to Omega accounts.

Remains beside my point nonetheless. I am not after a PLEX Vault. :slight_smile:

And how CCP would distribute and offer my idea would be completely up to them and not me. But the idea would be nice to see I think.

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I’ve always wanted to be able to have a “savings account” where I could partition funds for a large future purchase. We do this in our corp, and it’s really nothing more than an organizational tool, like station containers.

Not an urgent thing, but a nice QoL point.

Using the PLEX vault would be like buying bonds, using a secondary player wallet would be like a savings account.

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Thanks for agreeing with me :smiley:

Do you kinda feel that if you had an additional wallet or more for your own use that you could set yourself some goals, and work towards achieving them better if you had some additional money management going on?

What is a “QoL point”?

And I agree with you, the PLEX vault would be like buying bonds, and my personal reasoning for the additional wallet would be to remove easier access to spending money (because I don’t want to spend my savings, mental control). The PLEX would be easily spent on Omega, or even whatever is in the new eden store. A “savings account” would help some people to “save”, maybe not all though. :slight_smile:

Yes, I do. This is particularly helpful when selling items/loot. Send a percentage to my main wallet for regular expenses (PI taxes, production, etc.) and the rest to the “savings wallet” for a longer-term goal, buying a station, expensive BPOs, etc. Honestly, it’s how I manage my personal finances, so doing it in-game would be neat :slight_smile:

QoL= Quality of Life. Something that isn’t fixing something fundamentally broken, but would make things a little nicer and better.

I agree. One could even take their savings and choose to invest it into PLEX in the future. Either way, having a partition for one’s ISK could be a nice feature. For those that would not want it, they could just skip using it.

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I want to counter with a literal wallet item. If you undock and forget your wallet, you won’t be able to buy anything. If someone finds your wallet, they not only get your cash, but can also do identity theft. Correcting it would require you to call up (on the phone) CCP’s customer support for a thorough review.

Seriously though, a savings wallet isn’t really needed. Having surplus funds stored as PLEX or other less liquid assets is already a better solution. I imagine player wallet divisions to end up like corp shares… experimented with a little bit when first discovered and then completely ignored. Not worth the dev time.

Take one of the available character slots on your account, make a day0 alt, throw them into a personal, 1-man corp. Whenever you have excess isk on your primary character, just send it to the alt’s corporation.


mkint, great idea about a physical item wallet. But this is likely a lot more effort to create than a new wallet idea. And I am not saying additional wallets are ‘needed’ I am simply stating that it would be nice. I am proposing an idea, and seeing what useful feedback people have. And I thank you for your great feedback.

Krysenth… No, I did state that this is not something I would be interested in. Not everyone wants to log in and out of different accounts and all that.

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You misunderstood what I said. I didnt say make another account, I said make another character on that account. The reason I suggested that is the “burden” (if we want to seriously over-exaggerate it) of spending no more than 5 minutes swapping back and forth to grab some isk might be enough of a dissuasion that you actually save isk as desired. The alternative, as mentioned, is to buy something “physical” that amounts to a bond or something, ie plex and such. Buy with excess, sell when in need. Yes, market flux might mean your 500m of plex is now only worth 480m or 520m, but is that really so bad when, I’m sorry if I’m stretching it a bit far with this part, impulsive spending would mean you had 0 isk?

Would still be nice to see that my one character is capable of doing everything without relying on another character.

While not wrong, the only reason I dont suggest it for your primary character is people love wardeccing 1man corps that look to be active, or if you’re already in a corp to begin with.

Yes please give us wallet divisions and while CCP is at it, can we also have a shared division, for the entire account?
Pretty please, its a hassle to log in and out all the time!!

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Maybe CCP could add a new feature called the Wallet Division Certificate, each of which adds one additional shared wallet division to your account, for the mere price of 150 :credit_card: PLEX a month per certificate, available in the NES store. :wink:

I just read “physical bank” and immideatly thought about a heist.
Or raids on the local low sec ISK depositing citadel. Could definetly fuel some conflicts.

I currently use an alt on the same account as banker and station trader. Needs me to log out, log in to transfer on the main character. Log out and in again. A second wallet could safe that hassle.


If I remember correctly something similar was ask at fanfest. The answer to it was basically “legacy code”. The wallet is one of those parts of EVE, making it very difficult to change without breaking a ton of other functionality in the process.

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