Personal Wallet divisions

I would like to see a mechanic similar to the corporate wallet divisions for individual pilots, maybe not quite as many but two or three would be cool, in order to set funds aside from my primary wallet for like plexing. what do you think community?


They could add an “isk management” skill that gives +1 wallets per level


Great idea :slight_smile:

There have been times where I’ve had to handle SRP and Payouts for various ops, and the ability to use different wallet divisions not attached to my corp (as I don’t have access to it’s wallet) would have made things much easier.

I like the idea of a wallet division skill as well, as new players don’t need all the extra wallet complexity at first.

Furthermore, the ability to send certain amounts of sales as a percentage from market orders, or pirate bounties, to certain divisions would be great. Similar to how the corporation tax works, but for personal use. This way I can automatically have say certain percentages go into savings accounts that I would be able to budget out for various short, medium, and long term goals. Would cut down on the amount of spreadsheets i need to tab into out of game.

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Please. Using a corp just to separate money from money is stupid. Personal wallets should be a thing.

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we dont need more skills, we need them to be reduced, and streamlined, and shorter durations.

This is a Quality of life improvement that should of been added a while back.

Actually I think it should be tied to the already existing “Accounting” skill.

I don’t think there should be a skill for it just add button make new wallet inside the wallet tab
the same should apply for Corp wallets make as many divisions as you want

I like the idea, but I was thinking more of the complexity, if players could make an unlimited number the servers might get clogged up with dozens of divisions per player, which could impact stability. two or three each could probably be managed better than 15 or 20.

I don’t know if I would go as far as a new skill, but it is an interesting idea, and I do like the idea of a transaction percentage ability like corp tax, that would be a useful QOL mechanic. Not sure if they could implement something like that without impacting stability though.

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