The ability to assign incoming taxes/funds to different Wallet Divisions?

Is it possible to direct incoming taxes and/or sales funds a Corporation collects to a specific wallet division, and if not is this something that could be implemented?

For example; I’d like to be able to direct taxes received from PvE bounties to Wallet Division 2, taxes received from Customs Offices (POCOs) to Wallet Division 3 and funds received from Corporation Contracts to Wallet Division 4.


Those sound really awesome. Another good feature, would be if you could direct bounty taxes from individuals into certain wallets. Say me and my alt, one division, another corpmate and his alt, 2nd division etc.

now that i say that, i feel like thats a stupid suggestion.

Due to the legacy code, I don’t believe it is possible at this time. However if, or more likely, when CCP does make an overhaul of the Corporation Roles system I’d say that this would be a very nice feature to have included.

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Wanting to put a fort up with market hub but all tax goes into same wallet…
Refine/reprocess tax…
Want to reward ratters/mission runners…

Would be a lot more simple with this, and lets be honest; it just makes sense.

This one is doable already. IIRC, it relates to having rights to contract things out of a given division hangar (and wallet rights to pay for it with the corresponding wallet division).


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