Corp Wallets

This should be easy but I can’t work out how to transfer isk between corp wallet divisions, any help pls?

go to the division window of your corp wallet ! set one wallet as active and then right klick to another division and “send isk” ! you will transfer isk from your active wallet division ! maybe there is an easier way to transfer isk but for me it worked and its easy enough :wink:

if you want to rename your wallet divisions then you need to go through the bulletins and there are some options where you can find it.

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I was trying to do this the other day, and I couldn’t. I had to pull from my active corp wallet into mine, and then deposit into the active wallet I wanted.

You can switch wallets if you have access to multiple divisions with the “switch active division” key.

Set active corporate wallet to transfer from,
then at the bottom of the wallet UI transfer ISK button.

Transfer ISK window, Account selector set to the wallet to transfer to,
Enter the amount and a reason.

OK button.

It’s “Transfer ISK”.

Aha! Awesome, this is the way. Cheers bud.

I managed it before but only by transferring to my wallet and back into another div which was clunky and seemed wrong.

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