Corp Automatic Payments Within Wallet Divisions

Forgive me cause im super new at this and first time posting, but i would loveeeeee to see CCP implement automatic payments within the Wallets


Master wallet pays into the Secondary Savings Wallet once every 24 hrs for a set amount.

(time to pay and amount adjustable)

And then makes a separate payment Into another account for a set amount Once a certain amount has accumulated in the Master Wallet

(Threshold and amount adjustable)

i love the game and i love corporation management but my god. managing money threw the wallets has got to be the biggest time sink. these are features our real world banks have so surely it would not be game breaking to have ??

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Having more options to manage wallets and resources with the corp mates would be nice. Currently Iā€™m struggling on how to share some equipments into a container( so I have the logs) , but got some issues. Also rewarding players with activities they do for corp would be nice

What I did for Rent in an NPC station was I renamed one of the wallet divisions rent, and I put enough isk in there for cover Rent for a whole year and made automatic payments. Since certain stations rent is never the same due to availability of office space, I would add an extra month of rent to make up for small changes to the monthly rent.

So Say initial rent is 13 mil a month. I would add an extra 13 mil for a total of 169 mil in the rent wallet, to make up for when rent goes up. That way every month i never had to worry about paying to keep the NPC office.

So if you know What the purpose of the wallet is, you could plan out X amount of isk for say 6 months at a time if its a large amount of isk, and gradually let it pay out to what you need to.

But yes, your idea would be a nice compliment to the game. Make a suggestion in the official QoL thread.

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