Citadel Isk monitoring

(Ziriana Epica) #1

Hello forum and CCP

i am a citadel owner have several in fact, but i have a “request” wish that you ccp make a system that monitor the income pr citadel/engineering station and the new moon mining bases.
as it is impossible to see ho erns money and ho isnt. and being a trader and all isk income is important part and keeping something that don’t earn isk is pointless.
so i hope you can look into this, and i also hope more ppl are interested in this than just me.

have a happy eve time and have fun.
Ziriana Epica. :slight_smile:

(Rivr Luzade) #2

Yes, and it would be great if we could dictate into which corp wallet division certain corp level income goes instead of all clumping together into the master wallet. That would already be a start in order to better manage and evaluate certain income types.

(Maenth) #3

YES seriously, even though the master wallet is the ‘master’ wallet, it would be helpful and appropriate IMO to be able to direct different corp income sources to different wallets, like standard taxes (bounties etc) going to one wallet while customs office taxes go to another, and various structure fees going into another wallet (or again other wallets, maybe selectable per activity?)

(Jeronica) #4

I’ve gotten around it by using different holding corps. It was a pain when fueling had to be done in corp, but now you just need gunner access.

(Trixi Laminer) #5

A menu like the mining ledger with stats and graphs showing your different structures and how much your structure services get used etc. Would be cool :slight_smile:

(system) #6

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