Structure Income Redirection/Damage Notification

Imagine the following (quite likely) scenario:

  1. You are a member of an active corp. You as a single person want to set up a structure to generate income for youself as an investment. Therefore you want the income of that structure to not be mixed up with regular corp taxes and income from other (corp-owned) structures.
  2. In order to notice, when the structures comes under attack, you want to receive the “under attack”-notifications with your main characters, that need to be inside the corporation.

I asked a gamemaster about this and he told me, that it is not currently possible to seperate the income and receive attack notifications at the same time. He further told me to bring this to the attention of the CSM here.

i also have ideas on how to solve this issue:
a) Beeing able to set the recipient of all income from one structure. If you could for each strucuture set where the isk goes to, this issue would be solved. Even beeing able to select a different corp wallet for each structure would be enough in most cases. One could further use such a change, to see how lucrative/usefull certain structures are.
b) Beeing able to forward “under-attack”-messages. Using this you could create a 1-man-corp for your structures, but still forward the notifications to the main body of the members and your main characters. This could also be used to notify allies to your timers.
c) Beeing able to forward structure-attack-notifications to the whole alliance. This could also be used with 1-man-corps in your alliance.
d) In my opinion the best way: In the Structure-Profile-Settings just add a little textbox+button behind all the isk-values and tax-percentages of each “tax”. This could be a copy of the textbox+button from the regular “send isk”. You could completly and utterly customize all revenue streams even from subservices.
This would allow us to redirect all taxes to different corp wallets and even directly to players. It would make the structure settings so much more customizable.

Any further ideas, critizism or support?

Not the most ideal solution, but possibly the most expedient to implement and still helpful would be having the wallet journal entry mark the source structure for a transaction, then filtering the journal using a tool like jEveAssets or similar to aggregate the income in a particular time frame, such as monthly, to be paid to the structure operator.

I am not debating the merits of any of your prior suggestions, but only trying to present what I believe is a feasible option with the least amount of development effort required to increase the odds that at least some viable solution becomes available in the near future.

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