Structure defense

I recently came back after winning EVE for a fairly long time. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up my own structure for manufacturing in a quiet hisec pocket. Two questions:

  1. How likely is it to attract a wardec?
  2. What’s the going rate to have some mercs help defend it if necessary?
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Pretty much 100% chance that you will lose it in a month. Just send the money to me so it isn’t wasted.

well that’s discouraging

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instead of setting up your own, that you can’t defend on your own, why not just team up with someone that has one, and use their structure.

i like playing alone, no other reason.

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you can still play alone, just look for another structure to use… if you set your own up, you are guaranteed to lose it, possibly even to the mercs you hire to defend it if you did so.

Fair enough. Thanks for the input.

in all honestly it depends on where you are. I have had several moons set up for over a year with no issue.


sadly eve has had a bout of toxicity in the last few years. odd are you left when things were somewhat normal. but now, as soon as you drop a structure, you may expect a wardec within a week. and they will extort you for money to leave you alone. your best chance is to not anchor one and just use the ones that are open to the public and accept the taxes which are not that high after all.
trust me, it’s too much hustle, you don’t want to own a structure these days in EVE!

Still have structures, still no war dec. And I’m not sure what you mean by the game has become more toxic.

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a lot more toxic players, grievers and trolls.

not really also greifing is against TOS if you see it report it

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lol. in this case hundreds of players would be reported daily. let’s get real here.

Or you don’t know what greifing is. Because it is indeed against TOS and players are banned for it.


Nadia just isn’t happy at being outplayed within the normal mechanics of the game, so is busy crying in every half relevant thread at the moment about cheats and griefers.


no, not really. just disappointed to see people prefering death and destruction instead of creation and production.

I thought we already established this was not the case.

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Destruction and production are both important

The great thing about EVE is it offers engaging gameplay to all types of gamers, including both city builders and city burners.

They go hand in hand and each benefits from the presence of the other. They both make the game enjoyable and there’s room for both (and others also).

It would be a much poorer game if it was reduced to just one style of play.


@Scipio_Artelius , @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras , @Aaaarrgg , @Ramona_McCandless always the same people following me on posts and arguing against me. it’s as if it’s only one person annoyed I pointed a spotlight on his charade, don’t you think so @Adrian_Vexier ?

Following you? I don’t think so. You are like a shotgun at the moment, spraying your conspiracy in every thread you enter.

A lot of us here are pretty regular on the forums. It’s natural that we just read, and respond to posts across a number of threads, not because we are following you, but because this is the forum and these are active threads.

Just create a report and let IA deal with it. Ranting in every thread is pointless, especially when you aren’t receiving the validation you hoped for/thought you might.

The best way to handle it is to report it and let it go after that.