Building Engineering Complexes in Lowsec

I’ve been wanting to set one up for the rig bonuses, but my guess is that random pilots will just decide to destroy it before it’s even onlined. How do you actually do this, and if you get one online, can you even defend it?

You need best ship in EVE.

Since in lowsec you don’t need wardec. Anyone can drop at you anything without warning. While in hisec just siting in structure is annoying enough to push of everyone that is not pissed at you. This won’t work if they drop capital on you for lol’s.

To own structure solo in lowsec you need friends or really good diplomat.

You will get much better chances in random wh LS static. Since most people wont bother to sit 3-4 days in wh to bring you down. Just keep low profile.

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True, but no asset safety in WH, and getting fuel in can be trickier. I might try it with a min setup. At most, I lose a few hundred million for an experiment, best case it lasts long-term.

If you failed to fuel structure for 7 days. No asset safety also in k-space. And remember than in wh enemy also must struggle with hard logistics.

They need to find you first, bring ships in, probably lock them in hole for all timers. And if you are lucky you will completely avoid any politics. While I don’t thing you will find any “free” system in low.

There is more pros than cons in wh but i’m not a expert in both types of space so take everything with grain of salt.

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I’ve also never been in WH space, and I would need an alt which I don’t have. I’ve found a few LS pockets that are cut off from the rest of LS and have very low indexes, plus they are like 30+ jumps from Jita so they get virtually no traffic. True, if I forget to fuel I lose safety, but since I’m only managing one character/station, hopefully my memory won’t be that bad.

Lowsec is ‘owned’ by various groups. They will evict private structures eventually, and public structures rapidly.

I had a lowsec structure for about 2 years or so before being evicted (EDIT: actually a Raitaru and an Astrahus in two different systems = 4 structures). In fact, the entire region was purged by the ‘owners’. The entire region is empty now.

Your best bet is to discover the ‘owners’ and contact them to strike a deal. It will likely require paying rent.


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