A few questions from a small industrial corp

Hello o/

My friends and I are experienced eve pilots, but we want to try and setup a real industrial operation now (an aspect of the game where we don’t have much experience at all, but enough to know that we want to try it for real).

The project is just starting, we did not choose a specific market or a location already.
We’re hesitating between setting up in a low sec system or a wormhole (like a c2 with HS/C3 static, or a c4 with c2/c5 statics)

We want to do reactions, Blueprint research/invention, boosters production. Maybe cap production. Of course this all depends on where we decide to establish ourselves.
I want the input of experienced industrialists about the pros and cons of low sec vs wh.

P.S. Capital is not a problem, we have several billions ready to put into this project.


Well C2 with HS/C3 is bad option. Static hisec always generate a lot of PVP content. C2 with LS/C3 would be much better for you. Lowsec is pretty decent with comparition to wh space. But wh will not give you posibility to make caps, becouse all your caps will be trapped inside wh (until you will settle C5/C6, but there are HK, Lazerhawks, et cetera, so you must then make deals with them)
Personally I think that Nullsec is the best option.
Currently our alliance is looking for corporations, so maybe you could consider joining us. Send me ingame mail if you would be interested.

we are a low sec indy corp - msg me in game - sonoros rahl

u thought about joining an indy corp? or i can offer advice - i build caps

asset recovery… for one,

logistics… for two.

I run ops in high sec, low sec, null sec and wh space for industrial or pve related. its complex, but each space gives some sort of particular benefit and only your team will be able to decide what is best for you all.

keep your bpo in npc stations… research them up and make copies, then take the copies to the EC to use… basically anything outside an NPC station should be considered a loss…

If you want to do a little bit of everything, I think, low sec is the best place for that. unless you find a quite npc null sec area, which most may or may not be at any given time… but you can find quite pockets with the stations and offices and services you need. these pockets should have the planets or moons or minerals you need as well. you want it close to a trade hub, or centralized to all trade hubs?

the way I did, was make four main offices in high sec, one for each faction, and not more than ten jumps from the respective trade hub… second was choose the npc rats and dmg type, consider the stations, planets, moons, belts, and services as well… but the main thing for me was population density… you will have to choose what is right for you.

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