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Greetings fellow captains or whatever,
while im not looking in leaving the corps im in i thought id post this here in the discussion section. im looking for a smallish (5-20-ish members) living in WH space. preferably c3. i’ve been delving into WHs recently and have rather enjoyed it. Blue Loot is rather fun to collect. But the question remains…are there any corps like those left out there. im not interested in some massive group like lazerhawks or wholesale. im wondering if there are any USTZ PVE/Industry corps.

I am not opposed to PVP, in fact its alot of fun. but after so long of any given activity you get bored with it.

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I am a bit confused here. Are you saying you don’t want to leave the Corp you’re currently are in, correct? But you are inquiring if there are any corps that fit your criteria listed above?

I would say yes - They exist (I’m in one of them)

  • -C3 with an HS Static.
  • -Mostly if not Fully Industrial (5 Athanors (4 for Moons, 1 for Reactions and Refinery), Azbel unrigged for general manufacturing, Two Raitarus in progress for more Rigged Manufacturing [T1 Ships, Modules, BC Copying]) and that’s only in our indie hole. Our Main hole has Excellent PI, Two Raitaru’s Rigged for Invention and Medium, Ship Components and Two Athanors, but that’s a C2.
  • Most of the Industrial folks are US TZ Based, but the corp is US/EU really.
  • We do run Sites for Blue loot often, although not always in a group.
  • We’re still working on getting better at the PVP part…but as long as one’s willing.

So yeah we exist and I assume other corps like it do exist as well.

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I would also say yes … though we run a c2 with a c4 for the gas and blue loot. We do a lot of our mining out of kspace thanks to an amazing moon spawn in the kspace system we stage out of. Mostly US central time zone but we have a fair bit of activity both eastern and PST . I know your not looking for a new Corp but if you want to learn more details or just to chat hit me up a convo or evemail in game


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I am part of a WH PVE/Industry Alliance, we live in a c4 WH with C1/C2 statics. Majority of our members are EUTZ but we still have quite a few USTZ players. If any of that sounds interesting just convo me or send me an eve mail


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