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I’m a returning player (quit 3 years ago after playing High sec PvE content for a year) with a few questions I hope you can help answer!

I’m thinking about getting back into EVE as an industrial pilot, focusing on PI and mining at first. Then maybe later have a look at manufacturing and research. I’ve made a fresh start, and I’m currently Alpha sitting on 2.5M SP. Obviously I’ll go Omega if I decide to come back, but before I do I’d like some input on the viability on what I’d like to do.

  • Are new industrial pilots, such as myself, wanted and/or needed in corps? Would joining a industry-oriented corp make more sense than a corp that does not focus on industry?

  • Are most planets allready taken, or can I expect to do PI without to much interference from other players.

  • I’m a casual player that has to put RL first. So the time I do have available I’d like to spend without constantly looking at local/intel and d-scan. Does that mean I have to stay in High, or are Low and Null “safe enough” so I don’t have to worry constantly?

  • I understand there is no one answer to these questions, but I hope you get where I’m going with this and can help med make an informed decision :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Allright so basically: Do you want to sit and shoot lazers at rocks? If yes, would mining with other miners seem fun to you?

“needed” i believe is relevant. If you join a hardcore industrial Corp they probably have chains of industry you can help out with. If you join a random miner corporation they probably sit and mine and chat and build something sometimes. I believe most corps do that at some point some time.

PI I believe is more something you do for yourself. Alot of people have PI alts. Mostly for their own income and sometimes to help out with fuel or other stuff for corporation.

My Corp does a bit of everything. Mostly pvp/pve and some indy stuff as well.

I mean if you go to null and join a big alliance, sure you can mine for a while but that doesn’t mean you don’t watch local or read Intel channels. I personally hunt in lowsec and ive found alot of indy people going there and ending up home in a pod just because they don’t know how to scout or don’t know the risk.

If you would put trading in your hobbies and hauling I think it would be more interesting :slight_smile: after a while even if you feel “this is gonna be my indy toon” you get bored somewhere.

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Honestly, the answer here is no.

First off, a single player like you doing PI or some mining isn’t really being an “industrialist”. You’re just doing some PvE activity that’ll 99% of the time go into fattening up your personal wallet.

Second, if you’re actually serious about being an industrial player, you’re not going to be able to do that with just a single character as an alpha with 2.5M SP. At this point, you’re just gonna be someone doing industry-related activities for personal wealth generation, rather than for helping the corp/alliance. Whatever paltry amount of stuff you can make, can already done by alts of other people.

Not really. In my experience, “industry-oriented corps” are all filled with selfish and greedy asswipes who try to nickle and dime each other so they can make the most amount of profit for themselves.

That’ll depend on where your corp lives and who lives around you. If it’s highsec and next to Jita, expect fierce competition and excessive customs office fees. If you’re out the middle of nullsec with no one around you for constellations, you’ll be fine.

This one depends on how established your corp / alliance is. You can technically be completely afk and not pay attention to local / intel / dscan in any space, it’s just a matter of how much you are willing to risk.

Just be aware that people don’t want to play a game where they have to babysit someone like you who “has to put RL first” because everyone does. So even if there are corpmates around you, don’t assume they’ll go out of their way to cover for you just because you think your real life is more important than their ability to play a video game.


Thanks to the both of you for your quick and candid replies.

I’ll reevaluate my primary focus in game and will most likely keep an “industry” character on a secondary account until I have more to offer. I actually do like shooting lasers at rocks :wink: At least some of the time.

Thanks again!

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