Looking for advice from highsec industry people

Looking for some input from @Do_Little as well, but I’m curious to know just how lucrative it can be in highsec with 4 accounts and say 6 to 9 pilots with 10 jobs each in indy and science. I know how to do most industry related things as well. I lived in Null most of my Eve life, but I’m not on enough to take full advantage of null sec profitability. One of my concerns is the smaller percentage of bonuses for the structures and space. However, the amount that it costs in JF fuel and time to move items down probably outweighs that.

I’m also concerned with using player owned structures and the fact that they can just up and shut things down at any time. I also don’t want to throw up my own structure because I can just be wardec’d at any time as well. So I’m wondering how some of the bigger highsec indy guys operate so I can possibly replicate. I don’t need to know what you make, just some advice on how to go about doing it. So any advice is greatly appreciated.

Couple of things I’ll add here.

Structures run by organizations like Eve Mogul, I Choose You or the Tranquility Trade Consortium are reasonably safe and located adjacent major trade hubs. The downside will be high system cost index. Obviously they aren’t completely safe, but neither are structures in Nullsec.

If you want to build your own engineering complex, war is a minor concern. Create an alpha account, train Corp Management 1 and create a holding corp for the structure. As long as it’s fueled and not interfering with anyone else it’s as safe as stuff can be in Eve. The downside is fuel cost - 21 fuel blocks per hour with 3 service modules or 260 million ISK per month at current prices - a bit less if you make your own fuel. Keep your operating corp war ineligible.


im going to answer this directly, the how lucrative part…

If you have the BPO’s…
And you are willing to gather your own materials for the most part in 1 way or another(lets say 80%)

Then if you are dedicated to full time industry, as well as mining and running missions…
It is more than possible to do things like build 30,000 cats in a week.
or 400 t1 battleships in 24 hours.
or barges, fighters, cap parts, etc…

if you want to dedicate like this in HS, it is more than possible to bank anywhere up to 50 billion profit per week getting started. just building T1 stuff.

Edit: oh yeah, dont forget to gank anybody taking your roids that you want to mine

I think that’s basically no life outside of eve kind of stuff right there. Plus, opportunity cost right? Is mining your own crap really that much more profitable? I’m going to say it’s not.

it depends
you also have to deal with the market: building 400 t1 BS in 24hours will provide you some profit if you are able to sell them. But to sell them you will have to deal with offer and supply, and competition on the market etc

Why people claim that sourcing materials themselves, gives more profit. If price on market is determining value?

@Lis_Torin i think you work it or of man hours instead of the actual market value, like tritanium if the price is 7-8isk a unit if i mine it i count it as 3-4isk its all about how you work out your own costs, if you had to buy the resources its obviously gonna cut into your profit margin

What’s your thought process, there? I like myself, I think I’ll give me a 50% discount? If you could have sold the minerals for 7-8 isk, value them at 7-8 isk. It’s the only way that makes sense.


Forget that, for the amounts you are looking at you would need a null army of miners and null ore, consider all the obstacles CCP has recently put in players way to mining, NPC locust fleets, Trig roaming fleets, less ore in high then ever including ore has been taken OUT of missions so no more ore there in many of those places, basically your left with not enough to support any high sec industry as a solo exclusively in high, and this doesn’t even include the players who will harass you just because.
Your type of game play is mostly dead, my advice just stay with a single account and that’s it, the glorious industrial empire you envision is dead as a soloist thanks to ccp giving into the demands of the true whine barbies.

I feel like your 50B isk number is WAY WAY WAY high and might require like 20 characters doing 10 to 11 jobs each non stop. Then MAYBE you could.

yeah but you see you are thinking strictly isk, i may lose maybe 300 on a hobgoblin per run working it out at 100% value, but i have made alot of low/null sec contacts from the amount of things i produce, that means i can get the low/null sec minerals at a cut price also, its not about all the little profits and losses you make, its about the contacts you can make along the way, i get a private order for antimatter ammo every month, over a million small rounds, nets me over 25mill in profit if i deliver it to a boarder sustem, you guys thinking its just about gathering the minerals and just making stuff your crazy, and idustrialist funds both sides of 1 war and trust me that is what i do, and when it comes down to who wants their ammo first, it goes to the highest bidder :smiley:

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See, that’s the thing you left out of your other post. That’s important to the calculation. There’s a surprising number of people out there who think their own time is worthless, and that self-mined minerals are free because no isk changed hands. If you are aware of your market and the bigger picture, then that’s great. It simply sounded like you might not be.

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