New Player Seeking Information - Thanks in advance!

Hello! I’m interested in getting a few opinions and some advice on a few questions. I greatly appreciate folks who take the time to respond to these things, even though I’m sure many of the questions are repeated. Hopefully, these aren’t terribly redundant.

  1. I’m particularly interested in industry. Right now, I’m just getting a nest egg together via missions and industry is my longer-term goal. What are some of the differences between trying to do it in null-sec vs high-sec? Any sort of preference, can industrialists move out to null-sec and be part of that section of the game?

  2. Do you have to mine your own materials when you’re in null-sec doing industry? I understand you can probably do it just fine in high-sec buying materials.

  3. For the move to null-sec, I’ve heard of “renting”. What does that entail, and would it be better to get in an established alliance/corp rather than renting?

Just looking for some options. I want to get out of high-sec and experience something different, but I’m drawn to economy. I have no problems fitting up a tackler and helping out where I can either!

Thanks again in advance!

so my comments:
find something that you like to do. If you like industry, go for it. Don’t focus on isks/h. Just be aware that, as a newbro, you will compete against other and older industrialists, who have better skills, better structures with lower taxes etc
null sec ? you will have access to lower taxes structures, can build what is needed in your alliance, have constant supply of moon ore etc. But some risks also (no concord, wars against other alliances, etc). And you could need some hauling toward/from main trade hubs like jita if you don’t sell/buy locally
you CAN moon your own materials if you like it. You don’t HAVE to. this is a sandbox.
Renting is a process where some big alliances allow “renters” to pay and to do ratting, mining etc in some systems owned by the alliance. Renters don’t have to pay attention to defending their sov.


  1. The difference between null and empire in terms of industry is mainly your market to sell. In null your alliance/coalition is your market, in Empire it us everybody.

With all the changes in mining, neither Empire or Null can do without each other.

You can definitely move to null as an Indy guy, my corp has a good bunch of players who use Indy as their main playstyle.

  1. You can also in null, just ship in missing materials from empire as most alliances have their own logistics to move stuff back and forth.

  2. Renting is just as it says. A corp ‘rents’ space in alliance/system. They can use nullsec, but pay monthly for that ability. IMHO, it is better to see if you can join a proper alliance then a renter one, but that’s just me

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Thanks! I presume if I look in the recruitment area and do a little research, I can figure out who is who?

Ugh, wall of text.

I used to be a highsec industrialist. I’m not an expert on NS industry, but I’ll wager a guess that:
1a. Nullsec has harder logistics. Shouldn’t be a huge deal if you join a large corp with JF services. You’ll have lots of corpmates looking to sell their goodies (i.e. exploration loot, P.I., ore, moon goo, salvage), and you’ll be able to easily import whatever you’re missing. If you join a smaller group, however, you might have difficulty sourcing certain stuff locally, and have to wait longer in between JF runs.
1b. Nullsec has better structure bonuses
1c. Nullsec prices tend to be higher
1d. Less competition in NS
1e. Sell volume differences. Obviously, if you’re selling out of a major staging system, you should see a decent sell volume, but you might sell stuff rather slowly if selling to a smaller group of players.
2. No. You can set up buy orders on the market, import stuff, and/or run buy back programs.
3a. Rental groups pay military powers (usually on a monthly basis) for the right to PvE in certain systems/regions. Some rental agreements will specifically state what systems/ice belts/moons you can use. You can’t PvE elsewhere, and other renters can’t PvE in your stuff. Other rental agreements allow everyone access to a particular region, with everything being first come first serve. Landlords will often try to save the capital ships of renters, but they also have their own priorities, so they may not always be able to help. Renters sometimes PvP with the landlord for fun. This seems kind of rare, but some rental corps have transitioned into full alliance members by first doing PvP with them.
3b. Renting is best if you want to PvE exclusively. Renters tend to get put in quieter, out of the way systems, and have no expectations other than making rent. If you want to PvE and PvP, you should join a sov holding alliance. You’ll still get access to nullsec space for PvE, and you’ll also get plenty of PvP opportunities. Corps may or may not have participation requirements, but they usually set a pretty low bar, and you won’t have to pay rent.


  • Move out to NS. You sound interested, so go for it. NS life isn’t a whole lot more dangerous that HS, but the money tends to be better out there. One thing you should be aware of, however, is that an industrialist will often have a considerably larger amount of assets (i.e. blueprints, production material stockpiles, unsold inventory). Thus, you need to make sure you keep your stuff in a fueled structure, so that you have asset safety. And if you decide to go on break, you either need to keep checking in, manually trigger asset safety, or move your stuff out (use JF services). Don’t lose your stuff because you went on break without planning ahead.
  • Join a sov holding group (i.e. Brave Newbies or Pandemic Horde). Renters can be some friendly and laid back dudes, but you’ll only be getting a portion of what Eve has to offer. Of course, some will get into some PvP, but your PvP opportunities will likely be few and far between. Oh, and individual renters interested in PvP sometimes leave to join the landlord. So overall corp interest in PvP can be quite low.
  • Finally, if you do want to rent, you should look at joining a renter corp. Making rent is a whole lot easier when you have 10-50 guys chipping in. Moreover, they should already have structures and JF pilots, which will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

I’ve done industry in both Nullsec and Highsec. I started in Highsec, moved to Null for a couple of years and moved back. Where I was located in Null, the markets were fragmented and thinly traded - I found myself importing raw material from Jita and shipping my finished goods back to sell - at 500 ISK/m3 each way for jump freighter service!

Highsec is where the markets are. A look at the monthly economic reports (or the system cost indices) will show that most production takes place within a few jumps of Jita. There are suppliers for everything you need and customers for everything you make. There is also a lot of competition so margins are thin.

You can improve your margins by vertical integration and by working in systems with a low cost index. Selling prices are also generally higher in the smaller trade hubs - the combination that “fits” for you will evolve. What you end up doing a couple of years from now will probably be quite different than your current plans!

I recommend you start in highsec. Learn the markets and the industrial processes. By all means give Nullsec a try - the worst that can happen is you meet a lot of great people!

In terms of major sovnull blocs these sites will tell you who lives where, and what alliances belong to which coalitions. From there you figure out to which corps you’d like to apply in your chosen alliance.

Sov maps:

The “big” new player nullsec corps are:

Karmafleet (“Goons” a.k.a. Imperium) – I think they have closed for recruiting during war
Pandemic Horde (“Panfam” on the coalition lists). We’re attacking Goons ATM.
Brave Newbies (Alliance Brave Collective, part of Legacy Coaltion) They’re also at war with Goons.

Come to think of it, pretty much everyone who isn’t a Goon is at war with Goons.

Much appreciated!

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