Does it make sense to move to 0.0 for doing industry?

Admittedly, that may be a stupid/obvious question, but here it goes …

The overall context of the story is that I’ve got a few reasonably decent SP chars (101/93/86), two PvP, and one indy.

For a while, I’ve been doing industry (mostly T2 ships/modules) in high sec, first around Amarr, then a few jump off Jita, sourcing materials from the trade hub, doing copy/invention/manufacturing in a Raitaru and then in public/freeport structures.

All this to fund the unhealthy PvP habits on my main, that is, casual, no commitments, when I feel like it flying with NPSI fleets (Spectre Fleet, Bombers Bar, etc).

It’s been going reasonably well for quite a while, but not so in the last couple of years - taxes went up, margins went way thinner, the time to acquire materials at a reasonable price went up, etc.
A lot of my staple products just became unprofitable even though I went deeper into the vertical integration chain, down to doing some of the reactions myself.

So, my question to experienced people is, does it make sense to move to 0.0 to do the same kind of T2 production to fund the, now 0.0 warfare, expenses on my PvP chars?

Or shipping risks/costs, smaller markets, refinery taxes, or whatever there is would make this pointless?

(I now suspect the answer is “it depends” :smiley: )

my main Dorfsorc has sent you a mail touting the virtues of NULL inventory. contact him for more discussion

Highsec is still fine IMO (or close lowsec), the point is to find the right product which is profitable. I have a personal shortlist, and checking from time to time if it’s worth to pick one and build. Normally I don’t start unless I can make at least 30-50% profit.

The advantage of highsec is, you can find a low index system for each step, and switch easily. Often the system index ruins any bonus from citadels.


EVE sucks with the removal of Trit in null sec, and other minerals needed to build stuff, THEN CCP added all kinds of PI and other stuff needed to build ships… So my answer is STAY IN EMPIRE.
oh before you troll me I’m a 2003 player

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The farther you move away from highsec trading hubs, the more “effort” you’ll have to spend with logistics.

The advantage of null over high is that you can run your reactions yourself in null, i.e. you have to haul less m^3 around (moon minerals are significantly more compact then the reactions that are produced from them), though it comes at the price of hauling it over a longer distance… and the odds of losing ships enroute.

The advantage of null over lowsec (and highsec) is that the planets contain more raw resources in null, reducing the effort required to create some PI.

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Thank you for the replies.

At least from the respondents (or lack thereof) it does not seem people
are overwhelmed with enthusiasm for doing industry in 0.0 :confused:

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I think the difference is, whether you are doing industry for a nullsec alliance or just in there as a casual industrialist.

Move to null, buy local products for cheap (since reactors will pay shipping to export), then sell items at a markup (because seeders have to pay shipping to import). :chart_with_upwards_trend:

no, not really. there’s no real advantage to null anymore.

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Because CCP nerfed necessary mining roids such as trit so doing industry in null suchs and thats why I don’t build caps or ships any more plus CCP added a lot of other elements to ship building that you cannot get in null without a full crew mining everything and doing reactions and PI and all to build. NEXT they will be adding screws and bolts.

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