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Hey all,

I’m thinking about moving out to 0.0 (again) but one thing I’d like to learn is about industry out in 0.0, and so I have a few questions:

In terms of ore, do most people ship compressed ore back into high-sec to build things there and then ship the final product back in to 0.0? Or is it actually viable to source ore and refine into minerals locally, import any T2 materials, and then build and sell either locally or back in HS?

Does the benefit of the using rigs in an EC out in 0.0 justify shipping stuff in and out?

I’d be interested to know what you guys do (in general without giving specifics ofc), as I do like the industry side of Eve but seem to be forever stuck in doing it in high-sec “because it’s easier” here, but on the other hand I’d like to get involved in mining, industry, logistics out in 0.0.



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Any serious null industrialist will source their ore from a combination of local buyback and shipping in compressed ore from Jita. Same thing with moongoo for t2.

And most things built in null are used and sold locally. You can get as good or better prices on the local market than in Jita so why pay the shipping costs on top of it?

In regards to mining. Do it if that floats your boat. But I can guarantee that umess you are one of the people multi-boxing massive fleets. You will not be able to mine enough to support your own industry demands. (Or even be able to mine enough that you wouldn’t just be better off ratting for that length of time and then buying the ore anyways)
Use it to suplement if that’s what you enjoy doing. But don’t try and make it the backbone.

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I’d say it depends where you are and what you enjoy doing. In a large coalition with a well established market hub industry can work as well as it does in highsec. Elsewhere markets are small and thinly traded. There is usually a good market for doctrine ships and fuel.

In my experience, industry shouldn’t be your main reason for going to nullsec - if you enjoy PVP or alliance politics, then industry can supplement this gameplay, but highsec is both easier and more profitable if you are playing primarily for the economic simulation.

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Thanks. That’s kinda what I thought for the most part.

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Does this mean that owning a EC in high sec is effectively the “highest” a solo industrialist can go (in terms of scaling up production output/profits).

I’ve considered moving into null-sec as well because of the better Rig bonus, but have been hesitant because i’m not really interested into combat PVP. Corp ads for “industrialists” also seems to be sparse on the forums as well (I buy my minerals, not mine them)

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In sovereign Nullsec your structure is a corporation asset and you will need permission from the sovereign Alliance to anchor it. You get a fuel bonus if you are a member of the sovereign alliance and the rig bonus multiplier increases your ME bonus from 2% to a little over 4%.

Depending where you are, there may be an established market nearby where you can purchase materials and sell finished goods. If not, plan on paying 500 ISK/M3 for JF service to/from Jita.

In highsec, your fuel bill may be higher - depending on the local price for fuel blocks and your rig bonuses will be smaller but, you have easy access to markets both for purchasing material and selling finished goods and the risk of PVP losses is reduced (not eliminated).

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IMO it doesn’t justify the increased transport costs compared to a near lowsec system or even highsec unless you want to become a local seller or produce really big. Super capital production requires a sov system.

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