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Hi guys,

I’m going back to the game and I’d like to know if it’s lucrative to do industry (manufacturing, reactions, etc.) in wormholes.
I do not want to join any corporation yet, I want to play for myself because I do not have much time (work, studies). I have the ISK to anchor a refinery and then a Raitaru to manufacture.
I have good skills to refine ores, so I will only need to buy the compressed material and some other additional material that I need.

Well, that’s all, in advance, thank you very much for your help and advice.

o7 and welcome back

Indu in J-Space is still possible, but IMHO not worth to think about.
Since CCP in their endless wisdom implemented asset save to K-Space and on the other hand took the possibility to defend citadells as a small town guy its wast of time and money to settle in J-Space.
Fine a nice LS-System to settle there (maybe Derelik or Aridia[close to the end of the world])
Even if someone shoot your structures, you loose just them.
And because of no loot-chance thats a quite rare event.

Fly safe

As a solo industrialist you need access to markets both to source your material and to sell your finished goods. The public markets are in Highsec. In other regions you want to be part of a group. Even then industry can be frustrating - you run out of something and the closest place to get it is usually Jita!

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Hi guys, thanks you for your answers.

Olouf Tairach: I want to establish myself in a wormhole, because the rigs give more bonus than in low sec, although as you say it is safer, I look for more profit (higher risk, better profit). Considering also that my tax would be zero looking for the best benefit (single player corp).

Do Little: I was thinking of establishing myself in a C1 wh, with static to highsec (you know medium ships, low mass, etc). Although they have more traffic than a static lowsec, it gives me more security when moving the material to the wh and take the finished goods to the tradehud. If I go to a corporation in an alliance, I would have to consider a bigger logistics (how to go through lowsec system near high sec, most camped) to move my goods to a tradehud or even pay a freighter.

Again, thanks you answers, if you can reply my points of view, please do it, I’m still learning :slight_smile:

Bonus difference between low sec and null/WH is minuscule - 1.9 to 2.1 - you would need a huge production run to notice any difference. Compared to highsec, you need to consider the time you’ll save being close to markets when assessing the risk/reward ratio - there’s a reason why people setup shop in a the systems adjacent to Jita in spite of high system cost index, time is valuable!

The bonus that I was saying is in reprocess for make the mats. Right now, the reprocess percentage that I have is:
(Setup Athanor, T1 rig)
HS: 75.281%
LS: 79.798%
NS/WH: 84.315%

5% is a lot of mats and the wh systems have very low job index (considering system at 8 jumps or less from a tradehud)

Ty for you quick response :slight_smile:


sure, production will be great in your own WH and hauling can also be ok in a hole with a hisec static with a little planning and a few alts who can help ragerolling for an exit close to market.

But of course there is the danger of people doing a little extortion and maybe blowing up a structure as a show of force… and this might get quite expensive with no asset safety…


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