Question about Industry in Whormholes


I know the timing of this question is terrible especially with all the uncertainties coming around with the redistribution of resources and the quantum cores.

But I was wondering what mandatory skill requirements would be necessary to run Industry solo in a wormhole. I read somewhere that the best industrial wormhole would be a C2 with a static HS. But how many alts and how many exploration Alts would be necessary. How many fighters would be necessary.

What kind of the time commitment would it be to run this kind of operation.

BG o7

You will get evicted if you are solo.


As Xeux already mentioned , place a loot-pinata (Upwell Structur) in J-Space and you will be evicted.
As an alternative you can do it “old school” with a POS.
As long as you are just placing your production units, and no SMA or other stuff that promisse fat loot, the vast majority of guys should ignore you.
Especially if you set up a large F-POS with high resistance.

Fly dangerous

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To be honest wormhole is not much good for industrial activities.
The hauling will be a neck because of mass restrictions your jobs and will be affected by the connections changing day by day.
As well you can’t move freighters into the w-space less then Class4. Orca, or DST will be the largest hauler for those of low-classed wormholes and will be a lot of pain.

Wormhole ore anomalies will be nerfed in a few days greatly and you are no longer be able to acquire resources by your own space. You need to constantly import compressed ores and need market alt to buy them, well trained ore refining alt to refine them and DST capable hauler alt. ( if you buy compressed ores from market buy orders, your spreadsheets will be drawn totally red. )

You can bring Freighters or Jump Freighters via X-large Wormholes if you are in C5/6 but they are relatively rare. And you will face to the threats of evictions more frequently than in lower classed w-spaces.

And no matter the activities you are going to do, you need at least one scanning characters. And if you want to do something in the space, you would like to have multiple roller ships alts ( usually with Battleships and Heavy Interdiction Cruisers ). 4 Rollers are preferable but you can start with 1 or 2 of them.

Perhaps the most practical industrial activities in the wormhole space would be Planetary Interactions and Hybrid Reactions.
PI would cost a lot of time for the first set up but relatively profitable compared to time you cost once you finish setup.
Hybrid Reactions will be profitable a lot but you will be suffering for hauling too.

J-Space is extra dangerous for a solo player. Not impossible, just difficult and requires a fair bit of effort.
My main advice would be not to keep too much assets inside the WH. Just the bare minimum to enable operations and evac your stuff to K-Space regularly (very eZ with a HS static).
For industry, first things first: you don’t want to be importing a lot of stuff to keep your jobs ticking along. Try as be as self sufficient as possible. To this end, PI is generally pretty good, depending on your planet mix.
Gas Harvesting and doing at least the basic reactions can also be a nice little earner.
As for alts: as many as you can afford/feel comfortable with. I would also strongly suggest training up a new account with 3x basic probing pilots on it. Seed them all into the hole so you can find your way back in again when you inevitably have all of your regular probers rolled out. You can sit 'em all in Asteros and have them CovOps cloak capable, then let the account lapse to Alpha status and resub if/when required.

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