C2 Wormholes for Industrial Corporation rent

Multiple C2 wormholes for rent with HS statics. Perfect for small industrial corporations who want nullsec bonuses without the logistics. Wormholes come with some structures in place, and all planet poco access. PI capable through all P4.

Base prices:
Main - 1 bil/month (comes with access to refineries, EC’s and Citadel access)
Secondary - 500 mil/month (citadel/ refinery access)

Both wormholes have POCO’s established, and PI taxes are 5%.

Additional structures can be placed at renter request.

Message in game for more information if interested.

For that amount of rent, what do you require and what can you offer?

We would not require much on the renters. we would provide Wormhole defense, eviction defense, and structures fueled (not including extras requested). Essentially we handle the infrastructure upkeep, you get the benefits :).

Depending on the wh, we have several structures available along with the production capabilities associated with them. Poco’s are also already in place. Our only real limitation is no capital production, no sub-renting.

If a structure/rig is missing, we are willing to negotiate getting it installed.

Since WH’s don’t have asset safety, you could effectively lock people out of the stations once they move all their things in and charge them more to get it out.

Whats stopping you from running the long con of stealing assets by removing access?

This is eve, there is always ways that you could screw people over. I could also “sell” the wh only to give a false bookmark to a random wormhole that has nothing I say it does.

That being said, we’re not interested in that, and doing so would be really detrimental to future renting. The entire concept of the “long con” is honestly a lot of work, for a short gain since you would be known very quickly for screwing people over if you start doing so.

Bump, still have availability. One corp pulled out.

Hey !

Can you please send the jcodes so i can check how the PI is?

Can you send the jcodes pls in mail

Time for a bump

This has gone well so far, had a recent renter move out. More room for new arrivals. Message in game for info.


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