Hey Guys got many wormholes for sale ranging from c2-c5 most have only pos but let me know if you would be interested in buying a new home today!

Pst Fjun Saraki

Your boy Fjun o/

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MORE HOLES FOR SALE!!! C1’s C2’s C3’s C4’s C5’s

looking for a c2 high/c3 good pi

Have any C1s still available?

Looking for a C5 if you have any?

Thanks for the C5/C5 wormhole man super dope thanks for the fortizar too. awesome guy to buy from.

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Lots of c2’s and c3’s for sale!! Send me Email in game please!!

can you explain in details how the transaction will work? what happens after i pay you and you point me to the entry of the wormhole? do you then turn around and tell your friends to come evict me out? lmao!!

Not at all I would be assisting you in setting up your new home, I can explain everything on discord with all leadership if that is what you would prefer:

In my game strategy, I focus on building trust and a solid reputation. When I make a deal, it’s like a handshake agreement - old school style. Once the deal’s done, I add the ‘j-signature’ to our database. My Crew and I check that before we even INFIL or think about evictions. Bottom line: as long as you’ve got it, we won’t touch it. It’s all about keeping it fair and square.

do you guys selll capybaras?

what about WH space renting? Like paying a monthly ISK fee to rent the WH space that comes with eviction/structures protection. Where can I find that?

Synde does and Hawks but they’re costly. Atrax can offer you protection costs but we don’t really do rental contracts. This could all be negotiated with the purchase.

Our vision is to promote and influence Growth within the wormhole community

Lots of lower class WH for sale!!

Really? I heard that Atrax is an eviction corp

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looking for a C4 445 435 or a 55 please must have station

In the market to buy a C2-C3/HS with no effect and good/very good PI. Interested in empty holes or ones where the owner is willing to sell / transfer structures. DM .gloomrot on discord or Solus Blacksun in game.

Black Hole, Pulsar, or Red Giant effects would be ok as well if the PI is great.

No longer looking…

Any c4/2/5?

Any C5 available?

Do you have any C2 with nullsec static and c5 static?