Message me Ingame please

I Have some Seeded yes Message me Ingame please sir

Very limited but yes there are some with structures ready to have a new owner!

Got that dog in me

Any C4 with structure?

have you a C2 c3/hs ??

5-5 pulsar for sale j152820 :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi. Send me a ingame mail.

How much for 5-5?

Message me Ingame Please - Fjun Saraki

I have sent you an Eve mail .

Fjun, I appreciate the way you handled the sale.
Very nice guy to deal with, very accommodating.
Will be coming to you for my next one.
For anyone whos hesitant, Fjun was great to deal with and stuck to his word.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the smooth transaction!

Got any 5/5 or 5/6s?