WTS/Rent Wormholes

A few Highsec/C3s, many C5 and C6s for sale/rent, as well as many other types/connections. Evemail me in game with desired effect, citadel, and connections for a precise quote. or on discord @ Raizel#6358

Lots of stock for sale!

Highly suspicious considering the history of your character and the Imperiums lack of wormhole activity.

Hi, it’s ok to be upset over having been evicted from a site you have no claim over, happens to everyone :slight_smile:

IGC do a lot of wormhole evictions??

C5/C5 and C3 sold quick and easy, lots more in stock! Don’t be shy to ask for a quote :smiley:

C5s selling like hotcakes, get your’s now before it’s too late!

Scammer confirmed.

This person is offering systems that do not exist and that are not owned by the Imperium.

Invidia Gloriae Comes are Imperium pets that barely only hold trivial sov in Period Basis, no less C5/C6 space.

Hi I understand you may be upset about being evicted or something, but making a salty false accusation on a burner alt is honestly just making you look bad :slight_smile: I can provide references if needed, and 3 systems have already been sold, no problems at all.

Chat logs show you’re an extremely ignorant scammer.

Why are you using an alt, Lachrimosis? Or is it that you lied about your main for credibility?

Hi, you’ve never contacted me before so I’m not sure where your “chat logs” are from, but you are free to make up whatever bs you want seeing as you’re a nobody on a burner alt who is salty you were either evicted, or a competitor who is upset I am stealing business. I’m not going around making stuff up on my competitors’ sales posts, but then again I guess some people do need to resort to these tactics if they have inferior stock and service :slight_smile: stay salty, and for any potential buyers, rest assured this is the best service you can get.


You got any more of those C6s with TWO statics for sale?

How about a C6 with C5 static Red Giant with just an Astrahus? Nevermind who actually owns all 6 of those…

Hey, maybe next time crop out the “new message” line and put an actual pfp so it makes it somewhat seem believable LOL just stop dude, you’re cluttering up my sales post and no one believes you, I am getting business anyways and you just seem incredibly salty about it

Classic :slight_smile:

You’ll have better luck if you stop being so lazy and do a modicum of research next time. Good luck with the scam

Bump, dont let the haters get to everyone :smiley: still lots of stock for sale!

Bump, lots of high quality systems still!

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