WTS Empty C5 Wormhole


(Arupa Sasaan) #1

Hey guys! I’m hear to sell a wormhole today.

Today I’m selling J140343 which is a C5 wormhole which is provided with 13 planets and POCO’s. The system has C4 static. The hole is deserted and comes with an astrahus.


Please contact me here or mail/convo me ingame. I am looking for a sum of 3 billion ISK but that can be negotiated.

(Arupa Sasaan) #2


(Arupa Sasaan) #3

Still for sale!

(Hayden Ancrath) #4

I’m interested and would like to discuss more on the topic.

(Hayden Ancrath) #5

This fucker scammer

(Lamori Machai) #6

Explain please Hayden. how is he a scammer. what did he do?

(Kresh Vladir) #7

I tried purchase the c5 from him, but guess what he refused to use third party. He wanted half up front and other half when in hole.

(Lamori Machai) #8

yeah i know someone who got scammed by something similar. I don’t know of any 3rd party that would be completely trust worthy. the sell of a worm hole too easy to be scammed. that being said 3 bil is not bad for a c5 with astrahus already in place. might be eaiser to scan down your own and establish a home

(Kresh Vladir) #9

Well my third party has been third party to titans many times, I doubt he would ruin his rep for 3b.